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Today, successful businesses are run by technology.

Well, 90% of it is.

Let’s say that you have a business. Today, everything is moving fast so you can`t ignore or go around chatbots because the chances are, that each time you are trying to connect with a company, you are interacting with a chatbot.

What is a chatbot? How do you build a chatbot for your marketing campaign? What is the potential of using a chatbot in your marketing campaign?

Chatbots are a small robot powered by rules which it interacts with using a chat interface.

There are Two Basic Types of Chatbots: 

1. Brilliant ones powered with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing that can interact human-like, thanks to NLP.

2. Simple chatbots that reply to questions and have a very robot-like feeling, with no AI or NLP.

The 21st Century has seen significant efforts in improving marketing strategy, but how can chatbots help you to have a successful marketing campaign?

Here’s how:

Be Where People Are

Today, people like to chat more than pick up the phone and call someone.

Do you know who Millennials are?

21% of consumers’ purchases are made by young people which are about a trillion dollars in direct buying purchases, and Millennials have big impacts on the older generation. So, the question is, how big of a slice of that trillion dollars cake do you want?

Let`s get to business. Millennials love to chat, and that is exactly what chatbots do. They connect consumers with their favorite brands through chat and messaging.

An enterprise chatbot powered with Artificial Intelligence gives a very human-like feeling which makes them more attractive.

Chatbots can answer all consumers’ questions instead of your customer support, makes no mistakes, and is very, very fast.

Your Brand Vision

The image of your brand should always look into the future.

If you followed the steps for a successful campaign, first it was a website, then Social Media, then mobile Apps, and finally, chatbots.

A chatbot is a cocktail of all of this. How?

Chatbots can do what Apps failed to do; they can help you with marketing campaigns by sending personalized messaging to users by following their shopping and browsing patterns.

When it comes to Social Media, it`s essential to be present on all the major platforms, but who has time to do all of that – A chatbot does.

By training your chatbot correctly, you can teach them to post on your behalf on ALL Social Media platforms and interact with consumers for you, all of the time.

In this case, having an older brother, a chatbot with NLP, will make a huge difference because it will have more human-like feelings and consumers will know the difference.

Data, Data and More Data

What makes a marketing campaign successful? – Data!

Chatbots can collect data from consumers; they can follow their shopping patterns and behaviors and give you real time reports, all in several minutes.

This report is crucial for any marketing campaign because they give you an insight of consumer demographics, what items are most purchased, what location is most of your customers from, etc. So, with this information, you can change or modify your marketing campaign.

ChattyPeople Bot Building Platform

The idea of making a robot sounds terrifying if we take into consideration that 60% of people don’t even know how to use excel, and, of course, to make a robot you need programing skills, and you need to code.

Well, thankfully, technology is on our side, and we have chatbot making platforms, such as ChattyPeople, where everything is a drag and drop option.

Therefore, you don`t need to be a programmer to code your bot, you just need a cup of coffee, an idea on how do you want your chatbot to look, and why you need to build one in the first place.

Final Thoughts

You should note that there are two types of chatbots, as we mentioned above, a smart one powered with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language processing and his smaller brother that can just answer questions, and nothing else.

If you need an AI + NLP powered chatbot, I suggest you use ChattyPeople enterprise chatbot making platform.

ChattyPeople’s easy user interface will give you all you need to build a smart chatbot that can handle your marketing campaign, Social Media posts, sales, interact with customers and give suggestions or complete sales. You can also connect your chatbot to your e-Commerce store.

If you just want to have a simple chatbot to answer consumers’ questions and has a robot-like feel, be prepared that clients will start complaining about the slow responses that the bot is sending.

There you have it, make your hot coffee, plan your marketing campaign, go to ChattyPeople.com, and make your chatbot.

Posted by Maya S.