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Chatbots were invented to help in customer service ─ at first. However, people see the possibilities that chatbots are capable of and how they can assist them by managing the entire team, and in the end, it`s all about raising the standards.

Thankfully, chatbots are not just yes/no solutions and for giving the simple answers.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, chatbots can be very intelligent and act like humans, and if you train them right, they can help you and run an entire marketing campaign.

Let`s see how to master the art of chatbot marketing with these 6 tips:

1. Engaging Through Social Media

Chatbots are the best in what they do ─ chat.

Engaging with your consumers through all social media platforms can be a bit of a challenge. However, by training your chatbot correctly, it can be your voice on all social media platforms, interacting with clients, engaging in posting, and if you think outside of the box, maybe even making a game to introduce customers to your new products ─ all via messaging.

2. Personalization

Today, having a successful marketing campaign means making it personal.

According to recent studies, 87% of consumers are loyal to a specific brand because they are treated not as consumers, but as loyal friends on a personal note.

Because chatbots can collect data from each user across all the platforms, by learning their shopping history and preferences and patterns of how they shop, this will allow your chatbot to send personalized advice, promotions and deals to each user individually.

3. Conversation Flow

It`s important for your chatbot to have a conversation flow, and be able to do some storytelling.

If you create a tree of Q&As, that may also be good, but not entirely satisfactory. You have to create a conversation flow with steps of storytelling that work every time as a result to help the consumer.

Storytelling flow feels more natural, and the user will not notice that she is talking to a chatbot, or even care.

4. Lead Quality

Finding quality leads is one of the most important steps in every marketing campaign, and it`s the only report to show you that you are targeting the right audience ─ but it takes a lot of time to do it.

Thankfully, chatbots can do that within minutes.

By training your bot to ask several qualifying questions, it can determine the lead status. Chatbots can be considered as a new team member; it can give data that you need in a shorter amount of time, error-free.

5. Personality of Your Brand

Even through chatbots with NLP and AI power can act like a human, you should never hide from your consumers that they are talking to a chatbot.

Instead, make your bot unique, engaging and fun, give him a personality and a cool name.

However, keep in mind that your chatbot will be the first contact with your consumers and it has to represent your brand in a true light.

6. Tell People About Your Chatbot

What is the purpose of having a chatbot if no one knows that you have it?

There are about 75,000 chatbots on Facebook alone, so to stand out, you need to be unique.

As stated before, start with your chatbot’s name, and make it unique and personal. Tell it to your consumers in your newsletters, and introduce your bot like it`s your new employee.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots can do so much today. It only depends on how you will you deploy it, and what your goal for having a chatbot is.

A chatbot can run your marketing campaign or help you with data, and either way, it will be a big asset to your team.

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Posted by Maya S.