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Chatbots are part of our everyday life. They can help you to order an Uber, suggest a restaurant, never miss an appointment, or even help you to book your dream vacation.

Day by day, chatbots are more and more implemented in our lives and, maybe tomorrow, when you go to Starbucks, there will be a chatbot serving you your favorite coffee.

With chatbots being a hot topic right now, and with Messaging Apps being the favorite place for communication, there are too many people calling themselves a chatbot expert.

We have prepared a small quiz to check and see if you really are a chatbot expert. Please find the answers listed below.

Have fun!


1. What are chatbots?

a) Your chatty friend that talks all the time

b) Software powered by rules and sometimes Artificial Intelligence

c) Small trolls that help you

2. Where do Chatbots live?

a) In your pocket

b) On islands

c) In every messaging platform

3. Do you need to be a programmer to make a chatbot?

a) Yes, you need to be a Brainiac

b) No, there are drag and drop platforms

c) Maybe

4. When was the first chatbot created?

a) A few months ago

b) 1966

c) 2016

5. What was the name of the fist chatbot?

a) Clippy

b) Eliza

c) Kimbot

6. What is the name of the company that launched Bot Engine?

a) Facebook

b) Disney

c) IBM

7. How many chatbots are on Facebook?

a) Only mine

b) 35,000

c) 95,000

8. How many languages can a chatbot speak?

a) Barely handling mine

b) All the languages in the world (with the right platform)

c) Chatbot language

9. What do you need to make a chatbot?

a) A Bot Building Platform ─ like ChattyPeople

b) A hammer

c) Magic

10. What is the most popular bot?

a) Kim Kardashian bot

b) Poncho

c) My bot

There you go. Thanks for taking our quiz!

Hope you had fun reading the quiz and you can find the answers to your questions here:

Hope you learned something, as well. . .


1. b

2. c

3. b

4 .b

5. b

6. a

7. c

8. b

9. a

10. b

Final Thoughts From ChattyPeople:

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Posted by Maya S.