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Technology promises to make our lives easier, and chatbots are leading the way. Chatbots can help us with automating tasks and assisting with several other things in the work environment.

Slack, on the other hand, is a bright light of technology that has been adopted by many teams across the globe. It lets you to easily share files with no need to open up your email; it gives you the opportunity to communicate with your team members and send all data seamlessly.

Productivity has increased with the usage of Slack, as it has a boss-approved stamp, and the good thing is, that you don`t need to be online to use it.

Chatbots, however, are an excellent addition to the great Slack platform. They are helpful either way, but with the ability to add a chatbot to your Slack, you are getting a super-powerful tool to communicate and work with your teams.

If you are not sure about having a chatbot for Slack, here are 3 reasons to prove why it is a great tool to have:

1. Automation

Do you receive similar questions over and over again while you work, and they are stressing you out? At that moment, while you are figuring out how to finish the project, someone asks where is that specific file, what is the password for your wifi network, or when is your lunch break.

Yes, it happens, and it`s annoying, but this is the main reason why you need to add a chatbot to your slack ─ to give answers to questions that are repeating and annoying to you, and that way, you and your team can focus on your work and, of course, the deadlines.

Also, how many times have you needed to find and schedule lunch breaks with colleagues? How long does it take? I would say it’s a lot of time that we can spend on something else that is more productive.

2. Notifications

Do you find yourself checking your Slack channel often because you need a specific mention that is related to your project? For example, you are working on a project that is made in 3 phases, and you are working in phase 2. You can`t finish your part because you are waiting on your colleagues to complete the first part, and you keep scrolling to read the chat and keep visiting the Slack channel to check the progress.

Thankfully, by adding a chatbot to your Slack, you can train the bot to catch only the mention of what you need and notify you. Then, that way, you don`t need to keep an eye on that channel regularly, as your chatbot will let you know.

3. Meetings

How many emails do you send before you finally find the time that will fit everyone into the schedule for a 30-minute meeting? I will say, I send about 15 emails to different colleagues to find a slot for 30 minutes.

That`s not productive; spending 1 hour of emailing to be able to schedule only 30 minutes of a meeting ─ sound familiar?

Thankfully, a chatbot can help you with this. If you train it right, your chatbot can find a free day and an available time that will fit all of your teammates’ schedules, and you can quickly schedule the meeting ─ all in under 10 minutes.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople

You work as a team, and you win as a team.

We all use Slack to be more efficient and to help us to communicate better.

Chatbots are helping us with that, and by adding them to Slack, you can help all of your teams to focus on things they need to finish, and your chatbots can handle all the rest.

Posted by Maya S.