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Since they first started, chatbots have come a long way. Today, chatbots are implemented in customer service, in banks, and of course, where we need them the most ─ Slack.

I personally love Slack and how it makes it easy to communicate with your colleagues, and as you know, it has “the boss improved” stamp.

It`s the most excellent tool to chat while you are at work, as you can easily share files, send messages, share calendars, invitations and so much more.

As you probably know, Slack just gets better with the option to be able to add a chatbot to your channel.

Let me share with you these four Slack bot tips for business to make your bot successful:

Tip #1 Know Your Primary Goal

The primary goal of having a chatbot within your Slack account is to help you and your business so that you don`t need to add every available option to your Slack.

It will make your Slack crowded and many of those options, you will never use anyway.

Therefore, integrate a chatbot into your Slack; you can do this easy by using a bot building platform, such as ChattyPeople.

Tip #2 Screenshots and Timers at Your Service

If you want to be able to work without interruptions, like I do, but always need screenshots of your work, you can ask your bot to take them for you. And, you can ask your bot to keep track of the time you are working, as well.

If this is the case, make sure that you train your chatbot to share the screenshots with your teammates, which will save you time in looking over all of them and sending them manually.

Tip #3 A Virtual Assistant Just for You

You have a big team, and you can`t find and remember all of the names, and you can`t find an email when you need it.

This is a perfect example why you need a chatbot.

When creating your chatbot, make sure to give him the command to search your contact list and to find the person who you are searching for.

Also, your chatbot can make a connection of all of your teammates into one single network.

Tip #4 More Apps Available Now with a Slack Bot

You can use your chatbot for some beneficial features. Reaserach these on the net to decide which are the best for you.

Myself, for example, spend a lot of time researching on the net. It takes me a lot of time, to be honest, and I lose focus because I usually see something else not related to what I was looking for and waste my time.

What I did was to add a chatbot to my Slack account to do internet research for me. It collects RSS feeds for the stores that I`m interested in and delivers that info inside my Slack channel.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

You decided to give an upgrade to your Slack with a chatbot ─ great idea. 
However, to be able to do that, you need to find a platform, a platform that can connect your chatbot to Slack and make it work.

Making a chatbot with platforms like ChattyPeople will make your business life more comfortable, and by adding more features, you can work seamlessly and be more productive.

There are several uses with how to use a chatbot with your Slack and to fit it into your business, and these are the ones I`m using.

The first step is to make a Slack bot, and after that, you can do updates and add more features, one by one.

Make sure not to add too many options, however, as a Slack bot needs to help you, not frustrate you.

Go to Chattypeople.com today to get started for free! 

Posted by Maya S.