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Slack for business is a simple and amazing tool that businesses all around the world are using, including NASA. And, if NASA uses it, you should realize how good of a tool it is.

You can chat with your team and share all files and attachments with no need to open and use email ─ it’s super convenient.

Chatbots, on the other hand, are amazing tools that are being used every day, from big-name companies to small business owners, coffee shops and bakeries ─  that`s how convenient they really are.

Imagine adding a chatbot to your Slack platform ─ a match made in heaven. Merge two good platforms, and you have one super-powerful tool.

Let`s take a look at 5 advantages of a Slack chatbot and how you can make full use of one:

1. Automation

People are less productive when they have tasks that are repeating daily. Instead of that, you can add some of your repetitive tasks to your Slack bot.

For example, if you need to send daily emails to your team about updates, you can quickly let your chatbot handle that.

2. Personal Assistant

Maybe you can`t afford to have your own assistant. Your chatbot, integrated into Slack, can serve the purpose of being your Personal Assistant.

Imagine how much time you are spending on finding time and scheduling meetings. Your Slack bot can do that for you.

One more example is that you are working on a project and you need to go over data that is 10 years old. You will need at least 2 weeks and a couple of people to help you with that. Thankfully, your Slack bot assistant can do that for you in just a few minutes.

3. Onboarding

If you regularly need new employees, you probably spend a lot of time with onboarding. Thankfully, your Slack bot can do this for you.

You can train it to onboard new employees by answering a few questions and to give them tips and explanations on how to do particular tasks and who is responsible for each job.

Furthermore, your Slack bot can minimize that time to almost zero by providing an immaculate and easy to understand conversation flow and structure that needs to be maintained by the chatbot.

If you think outside of the box, you can also send them a map of the building and directions to your office, so new employees are getting familiar with the job and the office floor plan faster.

4. Big Capacity

Chatbots can be interactive with many users at one time, unlike humans. You can use your Slack bot to act as a concierge for your team and for helping them with all their questions that they may have.

From organizing the business’s lunches to finding contact information and scheduling meetings with teammates, it can all be handled by your bot. You can also train your chatbot to send jobs to printers and let you know when it`s done.

5. All in One

As we have said in the beginning, Slack is a great tool that people from all around the world are using.

To makes things better, you can add chatbots and also add video calls to help you organize even more. Now, you can add Skype and other video conference plugins and let your bot handle that for you, without leaving the Slack platform.

Final Thoughts

Slack and chatbots can work perfectly together to make your company and team more efficient.

You can find many other user cases that can help you to integrate your bot to Slack. However, everything depends on an excellent platform where you can build your chatbot.

Slack bots and chatbots can`t replace humans yet, but they can help us to start working more productively and help us with the tasks that we spend so much time on.

Posted by Maya S.