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A Slack bot is a tool that companies are using for communication, sharing files and organizing teams all around the world.

James Bond, on the other hand, is charming, interested in the newest gadgets, the best clothes, and of course, fantastic cars.

Let`s have fun today and see what a Slack bot and James Bond have in common.

1. Spying

Yes, James Bond is a spy. His job is to spy on people and to be unnoticed. So, how can a Slack bot fit into that role?

Well, maybe a chatbot is not a spy, but you can train your Slack bot to answer questions for you, and that way, you can work on something else and your colleagues will think it`s you.

2. Being Awesome

If someone is awesome, then they are like James Bond.

He has that personality and a mission to accomplish anything, as well as the attitude, “I will do it.”

Your Slack bot, on the other hand, can also be awesome. When making a bot, give it a personality and some humor, and a unique name that will stand out. Teach your Slack bot to be funny and charming, just like Bond.

3. Technology

Ah yes- technology. James Bond has the coolest gadgets and top of the art technology, and he knows how to use it.

You, on the other hand, can add plugins to your chatbot to work correctly. You can find apps or train your Slack bot to do things for you ─ from finding files and contacts to printing papers and making reports.

4. Intelligence

James Bond is smart; we have to give him this one, but your Slack bot is more intelligent.

By using Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and adding your chatbot to Slack, it will have human-like conversations and natural conversation flow.

Plus, it will think smarter and process things differently than other Slack bots.

5. Fashion

James Bond loves nice clothes, as it`s part of his character.

Slack bots cannot wear clothes, but they can help you to find great outfits for yourself. You can train your Slack bot to research and find things you need, clothes included.

Imagine that you spend a significant amount of time in researching for the task you are working on, and it takes you a lot of time. Now, your Slack bot can do it instead.

6. Planning

When you are James Bond, it`s all about planning and analyzing. In the business world, analyzing is a big part of every business, and you can`t go forward without any detailed plans.

We all know that it`s a long process and it takes you a lot of time. However, your Slack bot can do that for you. It can help you to analyze and make reports in real time. This way, you will be more efficient, and you can move forward in your business.

7. The Crib

No one is like James Bond; he has the best of everything, including an amazing house.

So, how does a Slack bot fit in here? Well, you need to have an excellent platform to make your Slack bot, probably something with drag and drop options and no codding functions.

The platform is where your chatbot lives before connecting it to Slack.

Make sure to choose the one that fits an awesome bot, such as ChattyPeople Bot Building Platform.

Final Thoughts

We had fun today comparing two superheroes.

They are entirely different, of course, as one is a human and the other is a robot – acting like a human.

But if you want a James Bond-like chatbot integrated into your Slack platform, visit Chattypeople.com today to get started for free!

Posted by Maya S.