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Technology is moving forward each day, and it`s evolving in a way that we, as users, can benefit the most from it. Slack is the same process, a technology that is helping us to stay connected with coworkers, and as it should, is making upgrades to its platform and adding chatbots and Artificial Intelligence.

You have probably heard about chatbots. However, every chatbot is different, and today, we will talk about 7 things you probably didn’t know about Slack chatbots:

1. Provides Work Efficiency

If your supervisor is asking you to do something or telling you that the deadline is near, you would think that he is micromanaging you. I believe that you will feel stressed out from this.

Chatbots, on the other hand, can do the same thing, but instead of micromanaging, they will engage employees in a fun way to finish their tasks.

2. Have No Boundaries

Having an open work environment will give transparency and will improve workflow.

Having a chatbot to manage your file archives, giving you reminders and providing you with the team’s updates, will open the work environment and give you the ability to reach information easily.

And, this is just the tip of the iceberg, as having a virtual office within your laptop and Smartphone will allow you to be mobile and you can have the freedom to go on your weekend getaway with friends, or even stay at home, and finish your work on the go.

3. Better Communication

The Slack bot can be your best friend and your most valuable employee. And, it can help you to communicate better with your coworkers. For example, let`s say that you are organizing a birthday party and a gift purchase for your coworker. You can open a separate channel just for that occasion, and your chatbot can manage all the organizing and gift purchasing because a Slack bot can follow user preferences and suggest and buy a gift.

4. Same, Same, Same

If you have many employees, and they all are getting the same annoying questions from newbies, like how do I log onto my account, how long do we have for lunch, what is the password for storage, and so on, in this case, you need a Slack bot to follow this conversation and provide the answers.

5. Can You Please?

Your Slack bot can take out some of your tasks and finish them instead of you. That way, you can focus on other things. According to the latest research, employees spend about 20% of their time on repetitive tasks, something that can easily be managed by a Slack bot

6. Payments

Today, you can use chatbots for pretty much everything. Even to schedule payments for your employees, your projects or products via PayPal. Your chatbot can help you to manage all of this instead of you, right inside your Slack bot application.

7. Time for a Break

Let the chatbot gather everyone for a cup of coffee by telling them it’s time for a coffee break. In this way, you can assemble the team and give them a little time away from the stress of work and away from the computer, as well.

Final Thoughts

A Slack bot is a great tool to keep your team organized and help them to focus on bigger and better things. It can act as your Virtual Assistant, your payment option and your all-in-one tool.

Slack, as a platform, is a fantastic option to work with and by adding a chatbot, it can help you to do more things. If you think outside of the box, you can make your Slack bot a valuable team player.

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Posted by Maya S.