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There has been such a massive hype about chatbot success. No wonder, people love using them, and companies see the opportunity to connect with their consumers.

Chatbots started in customer support and call centers, and not too many people have been using them before a year ago, so no one knew that they would have this kind of success.

They are fun, interactive and they help you with everything you ask for – from the business side, they are the next best thing.

9 Business Chatbot Uses that Really Work

1. Concierge Bot

You don`t have to be rich and a VIP to have your own Concierge, as today, you just need to contact the right chatbot.

Some banks have been using this kind of service to help their clients to access their funds and solve any problems that they may have. In all, chatbots have reduced problems to about 80% for banking challenges and issues they used to have with customer interaction.

People don`t care if they talk to a chatbot, they want things to be resolved fast.

2. Bot That Ticket

Maybe you and your friends like to wait all night in line to buy those concert tickets at 6 AM.

I`m sure it’s an adventure, but now you have a chatbot that you can use to buy those tickets for you. Just set up your preferences, and a chatbot will send you a push notification when the tickets are available or if it purchased the tickets on your behalf, with your permission.

This way, you will make sure that you don`t miss out on your favorite bands anymore.

3. Recruitment Bot

Remember those stressful situations and long preparations for an interview? Well, that is all gone, sort of.

Today, you may find a chatbot that is connecting college graduates with entry-level jobs and internships. Chatbots make a pre-scan of the candidates that can pass the first cycle and go directly to the second interview for that job position.

4. Doctor Bot

Chatbots can`t exactly perform operations, at least not yet.

However, they can surely give you advice according to your symptoms that you describe to them.

Moreover, some hospitals use chatbots to provide a diagnosis to users or to make an appointment with their doctor.

5. Lawyer Bot

It can’t get you out of prison yet, but what it can do, is to give you some legal advice.

However, if you have parking tickets, this is your guy – I mean bot.

Just from asking several questions, a chatbot can scan the conversation and see if you should really have a parking ticket.

Make sure to park right next time, but in case you have a parking ticket, you know who to call.

6. Food Ordering

Imagine that you are coming home from work, exhausted, and you just want to order a pizza.

However, your favorite pizza place has a new employee that doesn`t know your taste and keeps asking “Do you want pepperoni or extra cheese?” You just want your pizza, done the usual way.

So, to help hungry customers, many restaurants and pizza places have their own chatbot who will take your order. However, a chatbot will know your preferences from previous ordering, and it will know exactly what you want.

7. Chatbot Powered Farming

Yes, you heard me right. An AI chatbot has the ability to help our current farming methods to increase production and reduce wastage without affecting the environment.

Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in any sector of the business and agriculture is embracing it. By using drones to capture real-time images of the soil and machines powered by AI to plant in more uniform and precise ways, it reduces the usage of chemicals and can help with increasing productivity.

8. Trading in Stock Exchange

Wall Street has always been a synonym of all the exchanges that happen in the world ─ people waiving with their hands, trying to get a better deal and cut their loses.

Using algorithms, Artificial Intelligent chatbots are helping in trading and making better decisions while using hand signals to buy and sell seems so outdated and maybe not so efficient.

If you are thinking of investing, next time when you try to do that, there is a good chance that your broker might be an AI-powered computer that uses algorithms and gives you the best solutions if you decide to invest your money.

9. The Retail Sector

If you are shopping online, you have probably seen chatbots on all the main retail companies ─ from Sephora to Nordstrom.

People want to get to information fast. They are not going to visit your website just to see your working hours.  Big brands see the opportunity, and they use chatbots to help them. In fact, Sephora has had a significant sales increase since using their chatbot.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople

Mentioned here are just some of the uses of chatbots for business.

In fact, chatbots are still relatively new, and people are still deciding to use to them, but each day, they are becoming more and more popular.

If you are interested in making your own chatbot for your business, give ChattyPeople’s free Bot Building Platform a try today. It’s free to start, and we even integrate your bot into your favorite social platforms for you. No coding is required, as well.

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Posted by Maya S.