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Who would have thought that from simple Microsoft Clippy that chatbots would evolve in this way?

Today, chatbots are everywhere, from simple and small businesses to everyday life and big named corporations.

Even though chatbots are not new, the idea of what they can do is new. And, if you think outside of the box, you can take advantage of chatbots and take your business to a whole new level.

9 Things That You Never Expected Enterprise Chatbots To Change

1. The Travel Industry

This is an industry that has always been handled by humans, and no one would have thought that it would be the first one to change and adopt chatbots.

Usage of chatbots in the travel industry is expanding, as well. People, more and more, like to interact with chatbots and use their help to find and book flights and hotel rooms.

In fact, some hotels go even further; they have a chatbot as a concierge for guests, where they can order more towels, find information about the city they are in, or even order room service.

2. Insurance

This was a surprise, for sure. People were used to calling their agent and asking about their account or to find information about their insurance policies.

What Insurance Agencies found was that 48% of people like to interact with chatbots. Why? Because you can text them by using your phone and ask for information related to your account and any other information associated with insurance, and you don`t need to call customer support or even email them.

3. Retail

The fashion and retail sectors were always following the recent trends in technology. So, when people stopped to download Apps, retail sectors followed the crowd and started to use chatbots, as well.

Today, you can have a five-star concierge experience by using a chatbot. Big fashion named brands and retailers like Nordstrom, Sephora, H&M and many others offer services and consultation by using their chatbots, and with AI and NLP, chatbots have human-like conversations, as well.

To go a step further, retailers are now handling payments and orders via chatbots, too.

4. Customer Support

Say bye bye to waiting for 45 minutes on the phone while trying to connect to customer support.

These days, consumers want everything fast, and now they can’t wait for you to answer their simple questions related to your product.

Companies see the opportunity, and they are deploying a chatbot to handle customer queries. Chatbots are free, error free, work all the time, and they find solutions with a tone of personalization for each customer.

5. The Food Industry

It looks like a scene from a Sci-Fi movie, but these days, when you are ordering your favorite pizza, the chances are that a chatbot is taking your order.

Many restaurants, not just fast food chains, are using chatbots. The services that you offer to a customer are priceless, and chatbots can follow clients’ patterns and preferences, and according to that, they will know what the client likes or doesn’t like.

For example, if you order a pepperoni pizza with nonfat cheese, the chatbot will keep that in mind for your next order and offer you a nonfat product or will know what kind of pizza you like.

6. Banks

Yes, chatbots have entered the financial sector. Many banks are using chatbots to connect with their clients.

By using the bank chatbot, customers can check their financial accounts and balances, make a transaction or even send money by using a chatbot.

Some banks go a step further and have a chatbot as a financial advisor to talk to clients.

7. Healthcare

For people who don`t want to or simply don`t have time to go and visit a doctor, hospitals have a chatbot that will answer your questions, and according to symptoms, tell you a diagnose.

Some hospitals even have a chatbot that will help you to schedule an appointment with the right doctor, all via text.

8. Everyday Life

Even though all of this is measured as daily life, a chatbot can be trained to help you on a personal level.

Let`s say that you need to take a pill at a certain time; the chatbot will send you a notification to remind you that you need to take your medicine.

Or, for example, if you want to order a Uber driver, you don`t need to call and schedule a ride, your chatbot can do that for you.

9. Human Resources

As you well know, chatbots are everywhere, but to be honest, I never would have thought that they would have had a significant impact in the HR sector.

I was wrong. Chatbots provide help in HR when selecting candidates for a new position, as they scan each candidate, and based on a few questions, machine learning makes a report with the biggest possibility of the candidate that will fit that job position.

Usually, for this kind of job, you will need a team of people and a few days, but with chatbots, you will need just a few minutes.

Final Thoughts from ChattyPeople

Chatbots are something that have changed our lives forever. It started as a fun interaction, but now, is evolving into something more.

We are still some distance from the Jetsons’ kind of life, but we can`t say that chatbots haven’t helped us to run our tasks smoother and better.

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Posted by Maya S.