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People like Slack.

You are avoiding lengthy email exchanges and file sharing, and you have it all in one place. Companies all around the world have been using this platform, and that tells a lot, as it`s easy to use, efficient and keeps you organized and well connected with teams.

Slack has one invocation, and if you are in the tech world, you have probably heard that you can add a chatbot for Slack – a Slack bot.

Chatbots have many purposes, they can be fun and interact with people, or they can be your valuable employee, it all depends on you.

If you add a chatbot to your Slack, let`s see how you can use it and be more efficient with it:

Pool Creator

You have a Slack bot, and you need to take advantage of it. Even though it`s a business, that doesn`t mean that you can`t have fun. Make a pool and get your teammates to answer it, as you can have fun to see who got the most answers correct.

You will engage your teams and create team bonding, as well.

Screen Maker

How many times has it happened to you, that you need to make a screenshot and then to save that to a specific program? And after that, you need to crop the image so that people can`t see what`s on your status bar. Then, you need to send your screenshot. It’s a long process; you have to agree.

Thankfully, your Slack bot can take screenshots, sort and crop instead of you, and even resize them if you need it done, and send it to your channel or specific people without involving you.

Now, that`s efficient.


We all like to read the news and do research online. However, it takes us a lot of time, and sometimes you just think that adding another RSS feed is a bit too much.

Well, your chatbot integrated into Slack can collect the news that you want to read and follow. Let`s say sports. If something new has happened, your Slack bot will send you the content, and you will not lose time researching and finding the latest score.

Google Drive

As we all know, GDrive is a fantastic tool. When you add that to your Slack, it can be a powerful tool. In this case, your Slack bot can send and find files directly from and to your Google Drive, and you won’t need to leave your platform and try to find a specific file.

Analytics on Demand

Every company uses analytics; it`s an essential part of knowing what your company is handling, where the losses are, and you know how to handle marketing and other aspects according to the analytics reports.

This kind of report requires a lot of time, effort and a team of two or three people to finish and deliver. On the other hand, your Slack bot can do that daily or hourly in real time, in just a few minutes. It`s efficient, and you will see in real time what is going on with your company’s profile and what you need to change.

Boost That Productivity

Chatbots are being used to help the employees to be more productive. In recent researches, 63% of employees said that they feel comfortable using a chatbot for reminders and follow-ups as they don`t think that they are micromanaged.

Many companies are using chatbots to follow up and remind employees about the tasks that are due soon, to answer questions and send reports to their superiors or managers, or even to help new employs to get around a new job position.

Final Thoughts

Slack, as a tool, has so many tips and tricks and is a tool that makes you more productive. By adding a chatbot to your Slack, you can help yourself and your teammates to be more productive.

As we have said, your chatbot can be goofy or helpful, or both, and it depends on your imagination. But it can definitely help you to stay organized; that’s for sure.