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Chatbot retention can be a big problem. According to recent studies, 48% of people never engage with a chatbot more than a minute or through one text sentence.

This can be a huge issue, especially if you build your bot to engage with consumers.

However, it`s not the end of chatbots.

We will show you how to improve chatbot retention rates by following these simple rules:

Daily Metrics

Your chatbot is gathering data ─ use that. You can use daily data of each consumer, how long they interacted, frequently asked questions, commonly used phrases, the number of messages sent and received, and so on.

By following these metrics daily, you can modify and train your bot to interact differently which may increase engagement and retention rate.

The Core Value

Find the users that are using your chatbot more frequently and find out why they are using it. By having an answer to that question, you will have the most critical element and can find your core value and focus on that.

Even though you have fun engaging with a chatbot, that doesn`t mean that it is useful. However, the solution is inside your chatbot, and you just need to dig deeper and find your core value.

Take Over

Even if the purpose of chatbots was to replace humans, especially in customer service, in reality, it is not quite like that.

It all depends on the platform you use, as chatbots can be stuck and repeating the same questions, which if you are a consumer, of course, you will give up.

Instead, by adding a “talk to human” button to your chatbot, you give your customers the option to choose if they want to speak to a real person or stick to the chatbot.


The moment you have your demographic group of users, you can start creating users’ personas from their data.

This is actually based on users’ behavior and their patterns, and it can give you a real picture why your users do what they do, why they browse specific items, or reasons on why they purchase only specific colors, and so on.


This takes us back to the step above. Once you filtered your users and see their habits and preferences, you can make the conversation flow for each of them ─ or, actually, your chatbot will.

This will boost your retention rates, because of these days, everyone wants a personal interaction while shopping. That is the main goal of why brands are having a chatbot because people like using messaging to interact with friends and having the same ability to connect with your brand is important.

See the Whole Picture

Tracking metrics is critical. If your number of users is increasing, then your number of conversations is growing, as well.

If this number is going down, then you have a problem. It’s important to track single metrics, of course, but it’s more important to track combined metrics because correlation data analysis helps you to understand if there’s a problem with your chatbot easily.

Final Thoughts

Know your users. This is important and crucial throughout the entire process.

Most users are still lost when using chatbots, so make sure that your conversation flow is clear and helpful, offer several solutions and be personal with your consumers.

Remember, the most important thing is to track your metrics.

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Posted by Maya S.