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Chatbots are everywhere, and many people use them. However, most people think that they are funny robots that chat and give text answers to specific questions.

Mostly, this is the case, but there are two types of chatbots, a simple one, and his big brother, an AI-powered one.

But, what do you really know about chatbots?

When you first think about an AI chatbot, you probably think about a Terminator-looking robot.

Well, we are not there yet.

AI chatbots can quickly be made by using chatbot building platforms that have pre-built, drag and drop questions where no coding is required.

Enterprise chatbot platforms, such as ChattyPeople, and Artificial Intelligence, are shaping and changing the business world.

Here are 6 example of this:

1. Internal Use

To get the most of it, many companies are using chatbots for internal use, to keep the employees motivated, help them to find files and contacts, and to keep them engaged.

On the other hand, if your business is using Slack, then you can integrate a chatbot into Slack and make the most of it.

It depends on your company’s needs, but you can train your chatbot to give you the news feed in your slack channel, for example.

2. Marketing

Maybe you didn`t know, but a chatbot can manage all of your marketing campaigns. They can send you real-time analytics reports and manage all the ads and notifications of new promotions to be sent to your clients.

The best thing about chatbots is that they use data, and according to that real-time data and analytics reports, you can manage your marketing strategy.

3. Customer Service

This is where chatbots live and what they were initially made for.

Chatbots are perfect for interacting with clients and giving solutions in a very short time. Also, by remembering the patterns and preferences of users, chatbots remember the client and give a customer service experience with a personal note.

4. Feedback

In business, feedback is very valuable. Usually, you need to send a card or form to gather input, and then several times, you need to analyze that feedback.

On the other hand, chatbots can do that in real-time while interacting with clients and asking a few questions. People don`t like to receive emails and to explain how they feel about your business, and with this way, via chatbots, you will receive that data in real time.

5. Sales

When I think about chatbots and the success that they have had in sales, I always think about Sephora’s chatbot.

Your chatbot can interact with your consumers and make suggestions for other products, as well, and after that, the same chatbot can guide them to the shopping bag and collect payment.

Companies that are using a chatbot as a sales assistant have reported having increased sales because people love to chat and they connect with their favorite brands while on the go.

Also, by recommending products to the consumer, you will have a more significant sales’ revenue.

6. Project Management

When you say project management, you usually think of a person who is working as your project manager, assisting and handling all things for you, as your right hand.

However, chatbots can manage that all for you ─ and for free.

Enterprise chatbot platforms give the opportunity to project managers and employees to help to have better and seamless communication.  Chatbots can be your virtual assistants that help you with sending reminders for the tasks that are due, reporting any problems or errors that your team is having, and also, they can track expenses.

Final Thoughts 

Artificial Intelligence chatbots are becoming more and more implemented into business. The possibilities that they can help with are endless.

With a pre-built platform, like ChattyPeople, you can easily make a bot for your company. How you use it is up to you, and I`m sure that the help you will get will be priceless.

Posted by Maya S.