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If you are already using Slack, there is so much to talk about.

It`s a great tool, and it`s used by many big-name companies, and by NASA, as well.

Making Slack a great tool, among other things, is its ability to add plugins and extensions, so you and your colleagues have better communication.

Me, as someone who has been using Slack since day one, always loves to experiment with new things.

Therefore, I`m going to share the 5 best Slack bot Apps for your business:

1. Google Drive

Google Drive is a tool where you are storing your files online on the server. It`s easily accessible, you can have it on your cell phone, as a desktop App, or now, as a Slack App.

Now, you can share your Google Drive files within Slack and import all of your data there.

This is an excellent option if you consider how many times you need to go to Google Drive and share a specific folder or download files and send them, usually by link or email.

This is the first extension that I added to my Slack, and you should too.

2. Statsbot

Analytics is a big part of every business. You have to measure it daily and look at the reports to get a sense of what is going on with your company, market, products and so on.

This great tool integrated with Slack and lets you monitor your analytics. If you already use Google Analytics, this is a great App for you.

3. Asana

I love Asana. It`s so easy to use and so useful.

For those who are using both Slack and Asana, now you can integrate Asana into your Slack channel and see all the updates to your dashboard and who completed what task.

This is a match made in heaven. Slack is fantastic for team communicating, and Asana for team keep to keep everything on track.

4. Join.me

This popular tool for arranging online meetings has the option to be integrated into Slack, as well. This is also a great option for business because you usually use online sessions to meet with people and have presentations. And, this way, you can have meetings from your Slack, which in my opinion, is very convenient.

While having an online meeting, you can ask a college to drop you a file, securely, while you are having a conference call.

5. Lunch Train

Slack is for business, that’s true. But you need to have team bonding with employees, too.

What Lunch Train does is to plan lunch trips for all the team. Lunch Train works very simply; coworkers share their locations, times and dates for lunch and all the teammates that want to meet, jump on a train. Not literally, by using the App, of course.

It`s fun, and it`s easy to use. You don`t need to send several emails to make sure that everyone got that invitation for a company lunch.

Final Thoughts 

As I said at the beginning of this article, I love Slack. It`s a great tool, easy to use and it gets you connected with all of the company, especially if you are a freelancer who works for a company from home.

There are a lot of integrations, chatbots and many Applications that you can add to your Slack channel, which depends on what you need and what your teammates need.

However, make sure not to add every integration you see, as Slack is a tool to keep you organized and not to give you a headache with so many integrations and notifications popping up.

Posted by Maya S.