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There is one word that is connecting all of your teams – Slack. It`s an all in one tool, is user-friendly and easy to use.

However, today with so many options to upgrade and add more features, and the way that technology is helping us, you can ask yourself, “Can I make my Slack platform better?”

Of course, you can; by adding a chatbot to your Slack, you are upgrading that platform to an entirely new level, making something that will be custom made for you, by you, and your team, as well.

Here are a few tips on how to boost your Slack and make it better:

Say Bye-Bye to Forgetting Things

Yes, if you are having too much to work on and you keep forgetting things, your Slack bot can be your personal assistant.

It can send you reminders for tasks that are due, it can be sending and scheduling calendar invites and meetings, and also, it can book your travel plans for you, and your team, as well.

Imagine that you have a helper to take away repetitive tasks and tasks that take a lot of time. A chatbot that will keep your tools inside the Slack platform will save time by working in one place instead of jumping from tab to tab, which can be annoying.

Get Updates

A Slack bot can be an awesome tool to send you updates on things that are important to you. Imagine that you have a group of ten people in your channel and they interact all the time with things that are not relevant to your part of the job. It can be destructing, especially if you are trying to focus.

With a Slack bot trained mainly to keep track of specific mentions related to you, it will help you time-wise. You don`t need to check all the chat history and read irrelevant things; your Slack bot can give you updates when something is vital for your project has been mentioned in the team chat.

Receive Feedback

As we said, in the beginning, a Slack bot is not so much different than any kind of chatbot. So, why not collect input to see how your colleagues and employees are feeling about the company.

With interacting and asking a few questions, your Slack bot can give you real-time feedback and an overview of what is happening in your business.

Team Engaging

Even though Slack, as a platform, is made to be an easy way of interacting and communicating with your teams and colleagues, if you train your bot right, you can create fun games and pools to engage your teammates and help them to work together.

Also, how long does it take you to organize corporate lunches or lunchtime with teams? Let`s say, a lot of time. Imagine that your Slack bot can do that for you. Just make the decision where you want to take your teammates for lunch and let your Slack bot to do the rest.

Keep it Simple

Even though at first, you will think that you can add so many functions to your Slack bot, the reality is that you don`t want to overdo it.

Try and add one solution at a time, first as your assistant, and then you will see what other things you will need that can make your team work seamlessly.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots can be used for many things, from organizing to scheduling to food ordering. Furthermore, it can act as your assistant and your best helper.

It doesn`t matter on what platform you are adding them to as they work the same; it depends on how you will you use your chatbot, in this case, your Slack bot.

If you do overdo it, with so many functions, your team is not going to use it, and, in that case, it is the same as not having one.

Slack and chatbots are a match made in heaven, so be sure to make the best of it.


Posted by Maya S.