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Chatbots are a hot topic to follow. They are shaping the way we live day by day from prominent-named organizations and charities to online shopping retailers; you can`t miss them.

With new features and platforms releasing every day, it`s hard to stay on top of everything and find out what is new in the chatbot world.

To help you keep track of what is happening in the AI and chatbot world, we have gathered together a list of 10 bot professionals to follow.

10 Bot Professionals To Follow

1. Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands, FRSA, is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. He is Founder of Chattypeople.com, a chatbot builder tool company, and Sighted.com, an online invoicing company; both are based in Palo Alto, CA.

Newlands is an adviser to the Draper Nexus Network of Things Fund that invests in IOT companies. He advises entrepreneurs on various subjects from funding to growth strategies. Newlands is the author of Online Marketing: A User’s Manual, published by John Wiley & Sons. Murray contributes to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazines.

If you want to monetize your chatbot, he is the person to show you how.

2. Matt Schlicht

If you follow chatbot and AI-world trends, you have probably read something at Chatbot Magazine. Matt Schlicht is CEO of Octane AI, Founder of Chatbot Magazine, and YC Alum. Additionally, he was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and is a professional that you definitely need to follow.

3. Adelyn Zhou

Adelyn Zhou is the Chief Marketing Officer at TOPBOTS, a strategy and research firm in applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can follow her on Twitter to learn how to grow your business with emerging technologies.

4. Sam Mandel

You probably have heard about Poncho, the chatbot that is a widely popular and fun weather application.

Sam Mandel is CEO of Poncho, and if you want to learn how to put your bot into marketing, he is the man to follow.

5. Javier Gonzalez

He is Co-founder of the European-based chatbot platform called Botfuel. He specializes in chatbots and believes that they are ideally suited for interacting with users via Instant Messaging.

6. Ben Parr

Co-founder of Octane AI and Co-editor of Chatbot Magazine, he is one of the most significant resources related to chatbots and AI. Ben is the author of many chatbot articles on how to use chatbots in your marketing strategy.

7. Marlene Jia

Chatbots – a published book by Marlene Jia that helps many marketers run a successful campaign with the help of chatbots. Marlene is also on the board of TopBots, a chatbot platform.

8. Joanna Bryson

She is a Computer Scientist at the University of Bath, and an affiliate at the Princeton Center for Information Technology. She is an expert in designing intelligent systems into working AI systems to help understand natural intelligence.

9. Nathan Ross

CEO of Redbots, Nathan, and his business partner, Dan Gailey, are building sophisticated DMP for chatbots that will not only allow chatbot owners to gain valuable insights into their audiences but will also allow marketers access to more valuable targeting options.

10. YuHsuan Chao

Chao is the creator of Botimize Analytics platform for chatbots.

Final Thoughts

We all have someone that we are learning from; someone that has something to say; someone that is good at what they do.

People on this list are at the top of their niche ─ professionals who are not following the trends in the chatbot world – they are inventing them.


Posted by Maya S.