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Chatbots have come into their own in a big way. If we take into consideration that this is their second attempt, we can now see how they have been successful this time.

Everything started with customer service. Chatbots were helping the agents and their companies to see better results in their performance.

Who would have thought that chatbots would have their stamp on everything today, including the HR sector?

Let`s take a look at 5 facts about using a recruitment chatbot for your business:

1. The Power of Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots can be powered by AI which makes them super-smart. If HR Agents are working eight hours per day and are looking at several resumes, at the end of the day, they can forget what resumes they were reading and why they liked that specific candidate.

On the other hand, chatbots can find the perfect candidate according to the company’s needs. The ideal person with good experience and who fits your budget can be found in a very short amount of time by your chatbot.

In fact, selecting candidates via a chatbot requires less than several minutes.

2. Pre-Screening

Reading over resumes and choosing a few candidates who will go on to a first interview can take a lot of time, and sometimes, it takes a team of people to do it. This means more money spending for you.

On the other hand, chatbots can prescreen and select a few candidates in the selection process by asking them a few questions which can eliminate them or give them a chance to win the job.

Also, chatbots can give you feedback and reports on each candidate so you can compare pros and cons on each of them.

3. Interacting

Candidates, during an interview, get scared, become stressed out and are nervous, just like every human will be at a job interview. However, companies that used chatbots in the HR sector report that candidates feel more relaxed while answering questions which ends in better answers and results.

HR and job interviews can be intimidating, but using a chatbot can make the processes easier and quicker for both sides.

4. Admin Tasks

Chatbots can be HR’s most valuable member. If trained correctly, your chatbot can collect resumes and contact information from candidates.

Furthermore, chatbots can help you in ranking candidates by qualifications, by location, by experience and so on.

A chatbot can also help to onboard new candidates which can be an easy process to do by giving them menu options.

5. Time Means Money

In the case of business and hiring new employees, time does mean money. Having a big HR team involves a lot of expansion. Chatbots cost a lot less. Also, one chatbot can do a task that a group of ten HR people can do in no time at all.

From screening to interviewing to onboarding are all jobs your chatbot can take over for you.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Chatbots have just scratched the surface of new possibilities, such as the HR sector. They are relatively new, but big named companies are using them more and more. Chatbot may not replace humans entirely, but they can help people to do their tasks better.

For more information on how to build a chatbot for your business, take a look at our free starter plan, at ChattyPeople. No coding is required and you can have a chatbot up and running in no time at all.

Posted by Maya S.