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Slack ─ So simple and yet an amazing tool to keep you in contact with your colleagues. We have said several times that it has a boss-approved stamp which means it`s the official corporate communication tool.

You have everything on one platform, from messaging to video conference to sharing files and you don`t need to go outside of the platform to finish your work – that`s how good Slack is.

Thankfully, technology is moving forward and so are we. To make Slack better today, we have many options to add plugins to make it shine, and of course, it’s my opinion that you can`t forget to add a chatbot to your Slack.

The Chatbot

Chatbots are a small software program that is trigged by questions. There are two types of chatbots, a simple one that works by giving answers triggered by a specific word and chatbots that are powered by Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.

The difference is that the second one can interact more human-like and give suggestions to customers’ questions.

Slack and chatbots are made to work together and help you and your colleagues to work seamlessly.

Today, we will talk about one simple solution to make a Slack bot.

If you are not an IT person, you would probably think that making a chatbot is as hard as rocket science and creating a chatbot for Slack is a mission impossible.

Probably, that would be the case a few years ago, but today, you can make any kind of chatbot for free under two hours and add that to your Slack.


There are many plugins and chatbots that you can add to your Slack, but they are not general, as they are all for just one purpose. If you want to make your own chatbot, then you need to find an excellent chatbot making platform.

Again, there are so many platforms, and each of them is saying that they are the best. Of course, many of them are good, but before you start to make your chatbot, be sure to check this list of what is essential to look for in a chatbot platform.

  • Easy to use
  • No coding required
  • Slack integration

An excellent platform is essential for making a good and reliable chatbot; it`s the place where chatbots live.

With drag and drop platforms like ChattyPeople, you can connect your Slack Bot with one click, and you are good to go.

Now, you have connected your chatbot to Slack with one step. From here, you can manage all you need to do.

You can train your chatbot to give answers to questions instead of you while you are focusing on your project. You can make announcements for every new thing that is happening in your company, and so on.

Making a chatbot for Slack is not much different from creating any other chatbot, except for one: A chatbot for Slack is for internal use only, between you and your colleagues.

Proper use of a Slack bot is that it can be your personal assistant, help you with finding files and contacts, answer frequently asked company questions, give information to employees regarding products and services, entertain your colleagues, and so on

Final Thoughts

Slack is a great tool, and when you add a chatbot using a one-click application, I`m sure that you will see more and more benefits of how to use it and why you need a chatbot for Slack.

You can make your chatbot act as your assistant, someone who will help you with scheduling, organizing corporate lunches and much more; the possibilities are endless.


Posted by Maya S.