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Once upon a time, the world was your oyster, and today, the internet is your oyster.

If you want to find information, the first thing you do is that you go online and search for it, or if you are like me, you have a bunch of blogs that you follow and read someone’s opinion that matches your views of the world.

Today, we digest information differently, as we have RSS feeds, newsletters, and now, chatbots have entered the stage.

Even though, when searching for something online, you receive your information quickly, you also receive it in a large amount, which is not as useful.

If you search for fashion or recipes, for example, the search engine will transfer you to a blog that covers those stories. But what happens when the blogs are not enough, when you can`t read endless lines of blogs and information?

Another issue is speed and efficiency. You need to do research projects to go over all the information you have received from Google, from links, blogs and websites.

Chatbots, on the other hand, are giving the information you are searching for. Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language processing, chatbots can search for information instead of you and find you the relevant information, quickly and efficiently. Right now, researching online is a one-way street, as you ask and Google tells. Hopefully, chatbots will change that by delivering personalized content.

Let`s get back to blogging. . .

Writing and managing a blog is not easy. You need to be creative, inoperative and recognizable to spread your voice and to be interesting enough for people to keep coming back and read your blog.

Being a blogger means to engage and interact with your readers, to communicate with them, send them emails, reply to their questions and so on.

It`s a job that takes a lot of time, and if you have a daytime job, this is something that is hard to accomplish.

That was blogging in the old days, however. Today, welcome to the world of chatbots.

For a start, chatbots can interact with your users. As you probably know this takes a lot of time, time that you can invest in something else.

As we said, you can use chatbots to interact with users and send notifications when a new article is published. They can also collect email addresses for new subscribers and send personalized messages to each of them.

Chatbots can`t write content for you, not yet, but what they can do is to research and find relevant information for you.

This takes us back to the beginning of this article where you have to spend some time on researching articles and links and all the relevant information to find something that you can write about on your blog. Thankfully, your chatbot can do that for you.

If you think about it more closely, your chatbot can bring more traffic to your blog which will rank you higher on search engines. Also, it can help you to run giveaways and do marketing for your blog.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots are relatively new in the blogging area. They can help you, interact with customers and search for information you need. Also, they can help you in the marketing part of your blog.

Chatbots can`t write for you yet ─ that assignment is still yours ─ that is why you have a blog though, right?

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Posted by Maya S.