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Today, it`s very easy to make a chatbot; you just need a pre-built platform that will do the legwork for you, such as ChattyPeople. However, in the sea of a million chatbots, you have to make one that will be different, unique and engaging so your chatbot can stand out and people can find it.

Making a chatbot is step one, now let’s see what top 10 features your chatbot must have are:

1. Conversation Breaks

It may seem obvious, but people rarely use it. You don`t want a long and endless conversation between your chatbot and user, as it will be a long process and the customer, in the end, will leave. What you should do is offer a  menu option and allow users to select what they actually need.

2. Exit Button

Even though chatbots are designed to replace humans, people sometimes still need to talk to a real human. To make your chatbot perfect, you need to have an exit button. That will allow the user to choose if they want to continue to interact with your chatbot or they want to continue the conversation with a real human.

3. Make it Visual

What makes a good conversation even better? – Emojis. Using emojis with your chatbot makes the conversation fun and helpful, but don`t overdo it. In the end, you are using your chatbot for your business, so adding too many emojis may destroy it.

4. Social Media Integration

You probably know that having your own space in the social media world is important these days. So, when building your own chatbot, make sure that it has an option for social media integration. Having the ability for your chatbot to be present on social media instead of you means that it will save you so much time and your presence in the social media world will always be there because your chatbot can interact with your users for you.

5. Subscriptions

As chatbots keep evolving and we keep using them, we need more and more features, and one of them is subscriptions. It`s basically one of the most important features a chatbot could have. Your users need to have the ability to select the content they want to subscribe to.

6. Payment Plugin

If you followed the evolution of chatbots, you know that they started as a conversational tool to help busy agents in the customer service centers. However, as people see more and more possibilities of what a chatbot can do, they are using it in every sector of their company, and payment is one of them. By adding a payment plugin to your chatbot, your customers can be lead to make a payment by interacting with your bot.

7. Broadcasting

If you are working in marketing, this is the feature for you. This option is a must-have in your chatbot list of features. Being able to send new messages and notifications to your subscribers is a must-have tool. If you would do it by yourself, you will need a ton of time, but instead of spending time on selecting personal messages for each subscriber, you can forward this task to your chatbot.

8. Analytics

You can`t have a successful business if you don`t have an overview of your analytics in real time. Chatbots are able to run analytics for your business in real time, which will provide you with insights on your business. They can provide you with user insights by location, age, gender and on everything you need to know on how your business is running.

9. Go Personal

76% of people said that they continue to be faithful to a brand because of the personal content that they receive. Your chatbot must be able to recognize what each user preference is and create content that is customized to their preference. Users likes to be pampered, and by offering suggestions and news that will fit their needs, it will make them be faithful to your brand.

10. NLP

You want your chatbot to be smart. A way to do that is to make sure that you have the option for NLP or Natural Language Processing. By adding NLP to your chatbot interaction with your users, it will act more human-like, and your users will never recognize that they are talking to a chatbot. Also, by using NLP, your chatbot will be smart and also be able to suggest more options to your users by knowing and learning their preferences.

Final Thoughts

Making a chatbot is easy these days, but making a successful chatbot is a different story. You need to know how to make your chatbot unique, and in the end, helpful. When creating a chatbot, make a plan of why you need a chatbot and make a checklist of what you need to make it successful.


Posted by Maya S.