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Chatbots are an excellent tool for every business. They can interact with many users at the same time, are online all of the time, and can communicate in multiple languages.

Chatbots can work as replacements for several employees, in the marketing sector and in customer support. They can be your Virtual Assistants or part of your Human Resourcing division.

Even though chatbots can be a big help in your business, several mistakes can destroy your AI chatbot for business.

To help, let`s see what they are:

♦ Not Naming Your Bot

Your chatbot needs to be discovered. Not naming your chatbot and giving it uniqueness it will mean that, in the sea of millions of chatbots, yours will be hard to find.

Give it a unique name, a special personality, and in the end, it will be the first contact with your company and the first representative of your brand.

♦ Trying to be All Things to All People

You need to make a plan of why you need a chatbot. Do you need it to be a customer service rep or to be a part of your marketing plan?

You can`t have a chatbot that will handle everything; you can actually, as they are smart, but if you are new in the chatbot world, I would recommend using a chatbot for only 1 section of your business until you see what they can do for you.

♦ Limited Conversational Understanding

If you want a chatbot to represent your brand, you need to make it perfect. In that case, the conversational flow has to be perfect. Your chatbot must recognize complex phrases, all the questions, emojis and so on. Otherwise, your customers will not be using your chatbot and leave your site.

♦ Sorry, I Can`t

Chatbots are made to solve problems. Receiving error messages while the customer is waiting for a solution is a no-no situation. The purpose of having a chatbot in your business is to solve problems and give an answer, so make sure to use an AI and NLP chatbot that can easily understand the conversation and has human-like interaction.

♦ No Engagement

Chatbots need to engage and interact with people. Not having this option or failing at this will destroy your chatbot. By creating a good and planned out conversation flow, your chatbot can easily engage customers, provide useful information and help at the same time.

♦ Not Testing Your Bot

I have made dozens of chatbots on several platforms, and I have learned that each time you create a chatbot, you should test it before publishing. This will help you to see the errors if any occur. Also, this is the best time to check and test your conversational flow to see how it works and how engaging it is.

♦ Not Enough or Too Much

Chatbots are a great tool for sending promotions, personal ads or personal notifications. However, not being able to send this information means that your chatbot is not as useful, and on the other hand, by sending too much of this information will mean that users will stop using your chatbot because no one likes to be spammed.

Final Thoughts

Even though chatbots are easy to make and can be the perfect tool to help you run a successful business, not having a plan as to why you need one and how to make one can quickly destroy the entire idea of having a successful chatbot in the first place.

Chatbots should be fun, engaging, easy to interact with and provide solutions; that`s why we have them and use them. Some people overdo it by adding too many options, and some people are failing because the chatbot that they have is pretty simple and can`t reach its maximum potential.

Think it over and make a plan before you make your chatbot.

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Posted by Maya S.