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People love to communicate, as it keeps us closer. When Facebook was launched, people from all around the world started to search for their friends to stay in touch, and today, we have so many applications that help us to communicate and chat with people we know.

From pen and paper to emails, and now, you have guessed it; we are moving to chatbots. Chatbots are the new way that we communicate with people and brands; they are a new tool in the sea of communication platforms that takes away the connection between people.

Chatbots have changed the way we communicate, now when you want to connect with your brand, bank or bakery, the chances are that your first contact is a chatbot. A couple of months ago, my friend was getting married, and she made a chatbot to reply to guests’ questions related to the venue, dress code, menu and so on. It was pretty cool because I`m sure that the bride did not have time to answer the same questions, again and again.

Let’s see how chatbots have changed the way we communicate:

Connection with Users on a Personal Level

Everything started in customer service. You have to admit that even though there are several agents, there are even more customers that need their help. What chatbots did, is that they took over clients’ requests and interacted with several users at once, so no one was waiting. Also, chatbots are made to be personal; they are following the pattern of what clients like and they connect with them on a personal level.

Next time, when a chatbot contacts the client, the chatbot will know what department to look for and what is the customer’s account.

The Way We Talk to Friends

Unfortunately, even though I really like chatbots, and I think that they are beneficial and take away the time that we necessarily use to hold on to customer service, more and more people are using chatbots for their personal use, too.

I understand that you are having a party, wedding or family event and instead of contacting and interacting yourself with your guests, you can set up a chatbot to do so.

However, people are starting to use chatbots for everyday conversations, from simple “Hellos” to “What`s going on.” Are we so lazy that we can`t chat with our friends, or are we are avoiding human contact, and we need a chatbot as a mediator?

We Know What You Eat

Chatbots in the food service sector are relatively new. However, now instead of someone taking your order over the phone, you will talk to your chatbot, and it will take the order.

One difference is that chatbots will know your preferences and how you like your pizza, such as extra cheese, more pepperoni, plus mushrooms and so on, so, you will not need to explain each time you want to order your dinner how you like your pizza.

Final Thoughts

Chatbots have changed so many aspects of our lives, from business to personal. People love using them, as they are helpful, fun and efficient.

However, the dark side of it is that we are losing the human touch, and we are using chatbots to communicate to our friends and family. The question is, do we really want to go down that path and lose human contact?

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