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When people think of slack they think of interactive chat, which is true. Slack is interactive communication toll that is helping team and companies from all over the world to be more efficient.

Slack has come a long way, being the first boss approved tool to begin NASA approved tool, it`s been a long way. However, that all approves how slack can be great for companies and teams and adding a chatbot to that can be a cherry at the top.

However, Slack can be more than that, with todays technology and chatbots Slack can be powerful tool.


Let`s check out 5 Innovative Approaches to Improve Your Chatbot For Slack.


  1. Birthday Bot

We will start with something fun. You can manage your chatbot to send notification to your team mates about someone else’s birthday and to birthday person to send special note, card of music. That way no one will forget a birthday.


  1. Schedule, Organize, Stay on Top

One thing that is good for side of the chatbots is that they are ready to help you. Imagine the time you will save that you usually spend to confirm everybody’s presence on the meetings and of course to find a free slot in everybody’s calendar so you can organize the meeting.

Thankfully, your chatbot can do that for you.


  1. Who is there?

Yes, it`s hard to keep who is available and who did not come to work. Thankfully, you can also view the vacation snapshots of your team or any team member, extract powerful reports, ingest your local holidays and integrate it with your Outlook, Google or Apple calendars. Say thank you to your slackbot.


  1. Expenses

Expenses are usually handled by finance sector or bookkeeper, but if you want to keep everything on track, your chatbot can do this for you. Integrate a chatbot to slack and train him to brings expense reporting and purchase order approvals to Slack. You will be able to can view expense details, download reports and approve/reject expenses all within Slack.


  1. Time Off

We all need time off for special occasion or sick leave or something else but having a team of people and managing all the days of absence is not easy task to do. How many times you have sent emails to a colleague not knowing that he is not at the office that day.

You chatbot can help you with this. It can send notification each morning to all team members who is not at the office that day, convenient.


Final Thoughts

Chatbots are everywhere but that just shows us that they are being a part of our everyday life and that we need to start using them because they are here to stay. On the other hand, Slack as a communication tool for businesses just gets better and no wonder that Slack and chatbot are a perfect match.

Having a Slacbot can help you to be more efficient, organized and keep you and your team on top of every task. Depends what you need and how you will train your chatbot but it can be powerful tool that can do magic with Slack.


Posted by Maya S.