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Entrepreneurs, small businesses and pretty much anyone are using chatbots these days. However, not many of them are active and work on the chatbot’s overall purpose.

As a result, there are more nonengaging users and a lack of traffic to their businesses.

But, let`s talk about how to make the most of your chatbot ─ because just making one is not going to work.

1. Have a Good Building Platform

A good platform is the essence of getting the best out of your chatbot, because not having a reliable platform can make you or break you.

When searching for a platform, be sure to look at the ones that are easy to use, have as many integrations as you need, and of course, have customer service to help.

I get it; it`s a chatbot company but you will need live help, especially if you are making your own chatbot for the first time.

2. Making it Engaging

This is harder than people think. Making a chatbot to be engaging and to think about the content is not an easy task. When creating content, think about why you need a chatbot and how you want to represent your brand.

Having a menu or “tree” option is a good start, and that way, people can choose from the menu options and keep the conversation flowing. Keep in mind, however, that not all of people are the same, and chatbots are also not all the same.

If you want your chatbot to act more human-like, you need to add NLP and AI, as this combination will make your chatbot more human-like and conversation will have better flow.

3. Feedback

Having a chatbot for long-term is a great option. It can take over your customer support and interact with many people in various language simulations, but what a chatbot can also do is to provide you with important feedback.

As you know, feedback is something that everyone in a business world relies upon, as it gives you the insight of your work, your company and reputation.

By answering a few simple questions, your chatbot can give you feedback based on the quality of the product, the gender of consumers, their locations and so on. In a normal, circumstance, to have and process information like this would need a team of people and a couple of weeks, but if you train your chatbot right, it can do it in a few minutes.

4. Social Media

This is the task that is most consuming and a task that is crucial for every business. But how do you stay on top of it and communicate with each user individually when you have so many other things to do?

Solution: A Chatbot.

Chatbots never sleep, and because they live in the social media world, they get around pretty good. Allowing your chatbot to handle your social media accounts can have more benefits than you might think. A chatbot can always be online and respond to users’ questions and also be in charge of your social media marketing campaign.

There is nothing better than having someone to take all of that off of your plate.

5. Make it Personal

People love personal customer service experiences and about 85% of people that have used a chatbot said that engaging on a personal level is why they keep going back to a specific brand.

If you train your chatbot properly, your chatbot can send a personal notification to each user individually each time you have a promotion or new product. This is great, because, as you know, not all products and promotions are good for each consumer and people don`t like their email folders to be spammed.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Chatbots are small helpers that can help us run our business and everything in between. The list of benefits and how to make the most of your chatbot are endless, but only proper training and planning what you need from your chatbot can help you in reaching your goals.

For more information on making your own chatbot, register today, here at ChattyPeople.

It’s free to get started, and we are always here to help!

Posted by Maya S.