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Influencers are people that are best in what they do and are being hired when a brand wants to reach bigger and more valuable audience. However, being an influencer, these days is not an easy task and you have to be able to reach to people from different platforms and it`s time consuming and also hard to keep up with.

Having a smart phone can be big help because you can reach to your audience from every place you are while on the go, but these days having super smart phone is not enough, influencers these days are using the help of a chatbots.

Big name brands are hiring influencers to spread the word about their brand and their new product so having ability to be present on social media is crucial.

Luckily, today we have chatbots that can take burden of some of our tasks and if you have a chatbot but you don`t know how to market it and use influencers – keep reading.


Have a chatbot that has value

Having a chatbot just because they are trendy now and all companies have them is wrong approach. If you have a chatbot that will have some value for your brand and your audience then go for it – make it the best. However, think what is the goal of having a chatbot.


Make the best match

Not all chatbots are good for all brands, and of course not all chatbots and influencers are going to work together as a team. How to make a perfect match and combine this two?

Find influencers that can target your audience and influencers that can help to integrate your chatbot into your marketing campaign.

If you are in this field you have probably heard about great cooperation between online influencer Kalani Hilliker and a brand Cover girl. They made AI chatbot that looked like Kalani and that gave away coupons and it was s huge success. Chatbot also interacted with users which was labeled as a huge success given the numbers of how many people have used the chatbot.


Chatbot building tool

Maybe it doesn`t look like it but having a good platform where you will have reliable chatbot is important in a same level as having an influencer that will work with your chatbot. Find a platform that is easy to use and easily to understand because at the end your influencers will be using that platform to make the most of your chatbot.

Targeting campaigns

You have your chatbot and your influencer – great. Now you need to clear define your goals and set up a marketing strategy. This is the best way to promote your chatbot.

Your influencer will lead the campaign and chatbot will be the star and working all the heavy thins like connecting to your audience.


Make it visible

Having a chatbot that no one knows about it is like having none. Make sure that your influencers are using links and post related to your chatbot and also make a landing page to your chatbot.


Final Thoughts

Make a chatbot and fins your influencer. Set up clear goals and live the rest. This is how the future marketing campaign will look like. If you don`t have new chatbot- make one today.

Posted by Maya S.