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We are witnesses of something new. A year ago, people had just discovered chatbots when they had a big impact on the business world. In fact, chatbots have become the number one tool for interacting with clients, from customer support to bank and retail to hotel reservations and ticket purchasing.

Chatbots have had a big success because people love to chat, and having the ability to finish something, whether it’s ordering dinner or booking a hotel, while on the go, can be very helpful.

We should also take into consideration that Millennials are making up about 85% of total revenue in sales and they are a group of people that love new technology and adore using their smartphones. Therefore, it`s not surprising as to why, as just last year, 78% of all purchases were made over smartphones.

If you love using chatbots, things just got better.

At first, chatbots were very simple, using simple word-typing inputs and using words that triggered the chatbots’ responses. Then, chatbots got a little better and they had menus and buttons added so that the conversation flow was easier. Users had the option to either use the menu options or buttons to interact with the chatbot.

However, these days, chatbots have a new feature ─ voice activation.

Home Virtual Assistants, such as Alexa and similar ones, have had a big success, and of course, they are all voice activated.

Seeing the opportunity in voice commands, chatbot developers added this feature in today’s smarter, more complex chatbots.

But why have people taken to this new feature so fast? The answerer is simple ─ it gives you the freedom to use your voice instead of typing.

Imagine that you are driving and you want to order food from your favorite pizza place ─ they, of course, use chatbots. But now, instead of menus and buttons, there is no need for typing, as they use voice interaction as an option. In situations like this, of course, it is easier to talk instead of typing to your chatbot.

People easily take to and use new gadgets that will make things simpler for them ─ right?

Voice Chatbot Technology is Here ─ Today

I guess you all know the movie “Back to the future,” and even though we are not quite there yet, we can proudly say that we are witnessing the future of creation. That’s because chatbots that are voice activated are already here.

As we have mentioned before, some of the pioneers are Alexa, Cortana and Siri. So, technology does exist, and we just need to keep improving on it and seeing that chatbots with Conversational UI stay in use.

Creating a Fun Experience

Chatbots have had big success because they are engaging and fun to interact with. Of course, by solving the problem, you have a big plus.

With chatbots that have voice activation, it can be more fun because consumers can have a more human-like feeling while using voice activation with their chatbot.

Final Thoughts with ChattyPeople

Voice-activated chatbots will become the future in every big-name company very soon. People love to get help and to be connected to their favorite brand. And, having a chatbot that can help you with this and actually have a human-like conversation is becoming our reality.

For more information on building your chatbot for business, visit us at Chattypeople.com. It’s free to get started and we are here to help every step of the way.

Posted by Maya S.