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Chatbots are a new way of communication. In general, they are the omnichannel of communication used today.

As with any other approach to communicating with your customers, chatbots don’t really differ too much from other channels.

The biggest thing on how to approach building a chatbot for your business is to ask yourself 5 simple questions:

1). What is Your Story

You need to tell your customers about the story that led you to do what you do, and in this way, you will have a deeper connection with your customers. This will impact your business on a different level that will allow your company to connect in a more personal way.

2). Who are You?

Give your customers the person behind your company. Let them know how passionate you are about the thing you do. This will have a bigger impact on returning customers because people love to work with the ones that love their company and their job.

3). How do You Operate?

This one is as important as the previous two. You need to explain to your customers what your operation is and how you do it. This will give them confidence that they are working with a professional company and they will appreciate your business.

4). What do You Sell?

Today it`s all about your products and turning them into a sale. Selling goods is not the only way to sell, as you can sell services, education, and even an idea. Tell them what drives you to sell what you sell and why you are better than the competition.

5). What are Your Regions of Operations?

Give your potential customers a clear picture to which region your company covers. If you sell something worldwide, tell them about the logistics of your company and how you will deliver your products.

Answering this question you will help you to find the right approach on how your chatbot and your company will operate together. There are so many wrong reasons that people decide to implement chatbot technology in their businesses. Therefore, I would suggest getting in with the right ones.

Checkpoints You Need to Figure Out Before Deciding to Create a Chatbot

 Why your business needs a chatbot.

 Focus on the strategy before deploying.

 Know your audience and who you are targeting.

 Make sure it is useful.

 Turn on Intelligent Messaging.

 Define the personality of your chatbot.

As with any technology that is out there, chatbots are made to improve yourself and your business.

The thing about chatbots is that they will be with us for a long time. This is the reason why you need to consider building one and to improve it as the technology grows.


Final Thoughts

Chatbots are easy to make. The question is how to do it, what are the things that your chatbot needs to have. At the end, you need to have chatbot that is engaging and offers help and having a good content is something to think about.

Posted by Maya S.