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We all know about slack and we all know how good it is. But we keep asking why do we want to make things that are good even better? I think the question answers itself.

Even though Slack is amazing tool that is being used all around the world, adding chatbot can make it even better.

Why you need a slackbot and how to make one?


Chatbot added to slack makes thinks more interactive and it actually shows how why slack is a good tool. You can set up your slack bot to make reminders, schedule events or check calendar and more.


First let`s start with how to make one.

You need a good and stable platform. Platform that doesn`t require any coding and it`s easy to deeply to slack. Platform like chattypeople that have ability to have one chatbot for several platforms including slack is a good solution.


Better Communication

Employees that use chatbot for Slack have better communication and boost work improvement.

When organizing meetings, schedule business lunch or organizing any kind of appointment, your slackbot can do that for you. Your employees can be focusing on other tasks and small assignments and finding free slot on everybody’s calendar leave to a chatbot.



Slackbot, if trained properly can be good solution for onboarding new employee. It can give assignments and small tasks to make them onboard seamless. It can also help them to find work directory and new tasks. Chatbot can also collect feedback and evaluation of the new employee.

If you plan this properly you can make quiz questions for your slackbot to interact with new employee to see how they are familiar with the work.


Be Informed

When you have employees that work all around the building or all around the world it sometimes hard to keep everyone informed. Company newsletter sometimes goes directly to spam or trash and people will not read the news. Instead of that, your slackbot can share all the information and news you have with your employees across the channels. This will cut down the time of making and sending companies newsletter and you will make sure that your employees have seen the news.



Collecting and analyzing data is important part of every business. It keeps everybody up to date with latest marketing efforts and it gives you clear picture of success of the company. However, analyzing data can take some time and it will take two to five people to analyze all the information and prepare report. Thankfully, slackbot can do this within a few minutes. Collecting data and making reports can be done all by your slackbot, if you train properly it can give you reports of employee’s evaluation as well.


Final Thoughts

Slack is amazing tool that is being used all around the world, it reinvented business communication.

What makes it better is adding a slackbot that makes miracles and keep you and your team organized. Depends on what you need but possibilities are limitless.

Posted by Maya S.