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Even though designed primarily for communication, chatbots can do more than that.

Easy to use and cost effective, chatbots are capable of organizing and maintaining entire department section – if you know how to use them.

Properly trained, chatbots can be the best employee you have especially if you are in marketing and you know how important is to stay on top of never ending obligations.


Let`s see how chatbots can Encouraging Marketers to Use Intelligent Assistance.


More effective campaign

We all know that good marketing campaign relies on data. To collect all the relevant data, you will need days to get all the information processed and to make reliable reports. However, when your chatbot interacts with your users, they collect information that can be used for data reports.

From information of location, gender to age to what products are most selling, where do you sell the most and so on.

Chatbots can be giving you this information weekly with up to date information.


Messaged Marketing

Using social networks and Messenger makes it easier to reach a large audience. Sending messages and promotions will change the e-mail market forever. Also, not just sending any kind of updates and information, you can train your chatbot to send specialized information personal touch to each client individually.

Let`s face it, not all products or information are relevant for every consumer so sending bulk email campaign will just go to spam or trash without opening and we don`t want that.

Instead you can send personal message according to their preference and shopping habits addressing them by name, these days customers love personalization.



People in marketing world knows how important it is to be available all the time and communicate with users, helping them to know more about your brand or products. However, in the era of the internet this is hard task to do because you have people from all around the world in different time zones and languages.

Thankfully, marketing people are using chatbots. Chatbots are always on, working in several languages and are cost effective. They are designed to provide solution and that`s what every customer needs when contacting a brand.



Maybe one of the most important steps in marketing world – to engage your audience.

Many people, many different needs many different solutions and one single person can`t follow up with that. On the other side, chatbots are chatty and they can easily interact with every consumer. Good side is that chatbots can be used for short quiz questions and provide useful information that way or to find more about the client.

Chatbots were used and remarkable marketing campaign when Disney launched several new cartoons. What they did- they created short games using a chatbots and reported that users are getting back several times a day to interact with the chatbot and play the game.


Final Thoughts

Chatbots came in a small window and entered a big door. Chatbots with AI can be number one tool to be used for every marketing person or department. You can get all the information, feedback, reports and many things by using them – solutions are limitless just thing big.

Posted by Maya S.