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Carbon Offsetting Affiliate Program

Carbon Offsetting Affiliate Program

I am happy to represent the Carbon Offsetting Affiliate Program for the Carbon Advice Group which is one of a growing number of Green Affiliate Programs.

What is Carbon Offsetting? In our daily lives at home and work, driving a car or taking a flight, we use energy. Most of that energy comes from burning fossil fuels that send carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This creates our carbon footprint. Carbon offsets fund renewable energy solutions and tree planting to help to balance that footprint. You can reduce your carbon footprint and offset the part that you cannot eliminate. Balancing your carbon footprint with carbon offsets makes you carbon neutral.

Why should you join the Carbon Offsetting Affiliate Program?
1) It is an opportunity to make money as an affiliate.
2) Do something to help combat climate change and preserve the environment for future generations.
3) Consumers are increasingly becoming ethically and socially aware and this is an opportunity to profit from environmental consumer spending.
4) There is a “feel good factor” every time you recycle. You will get the same feeling promoting this programme.

Some key points the Carbon Offsetting Affiliate Program:
15% commission sales
60 day cookies
Absolutely NO leaks or ads!
Deep links right to products
Great communication with affiliates and regular updates and promotions Our Partner Program is “affiliate friendly”
Onsite Widgets available on request

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