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This week I’ve seen more than one blog talk about how Twitter is growing by over 1000%.  1000% growth!  Maybe it’s good that Evan Williams was called to the White House to talk about the economy.  It could be my twitter competition drawing in all their new users.  🙂

The internet is the future of green marketing and social media is the future of everything marketing. As I’ve said before, social media already is and will continue to be a compelling marketing channel for the green economy.

People and companies in the green movement tend to have a low tolerance for “In-Your-Face” advertising, though, and a vocal and active reaction when it happens: not only do they ignore it but they tend to give it the stiff-arm and talk about it. I say:

Good. Whether it’s Malcolm Gladwell talking about his theories in the Tipping Point or MaxGladwell.com talking about the nexus between green marketing and social media, the evidence is there that word-of-mouth marketing has power and that word-of-mouth is fast becoming “Word-of-Web.

@greenbiztweets : Awesome. Network.

@bestgreenblogs : The stories and recommendations just keep coming. A great place to start your journey into the online green world. It’s a feed with personality that delivers just what they say: the best green blogs.

@treehugger : TreeHugger.com is a great blog.

 @treehugger has great contests and over 6,000 Followers that make a great network for the green world.

@greenoptions : First green blog network on the web & they always have great stories. Recently they’ve had California politicians starting to do guest blogs with them, including Gavin Newsom.

@planetgreen : They do practical, actionable tips for living a greener day to day …and they’ve got Tommy Lee on their page wallpaper. Basically, they rock.

@maxgladwell : self-described “nexus of social media and green living & a better world through technology, marketing and sustainability consulting.” I mean, we should be meeting up for happy hour.

@EnergyGeekCa : Investigative renewable energy reporter. If that’s not cool enough for you as a job title, you’ll dig the writing too.

@eproulx : Self-described activist and entrepreneur. Steady stream of great ideas. Recently said, “Online advertising is the new traditional.” I mean, you want to follow the thoughts of someone who believes that.

@Carbon_Offset: The Carbon offsetting twitter with lots of ideas about carbon offsetting, carbon credits and green marketing

@GOODinc : Ok, so it’s not all green, but it is all GOOD. The twitter account for the amazing magazine from LA that doesn’t charge subscription. “Pay what you want” and 100% goes to a non-profit. What? Amazing. 

@murraynewlands :  I love this stuff and will be tweeting about it. I love and tweet all things green and online and marketing. Find me on Twitter and say hello.

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