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Here are my quick tips to using twitter in bullet points!

Twitter Tips-Know why you are using it / know your audience.
If it is to have a personally conversation with friends they just stick to them. If you are using it for a company then follow that path. You can mix the two but be careful.

Twitter Tips-Setup a proper profile
Use your photo or a logo if it is for your company. People are much more likely to follow a person unless you are a very large brand.
Write a good bio and include your url.
Customise the background it makes you stand out.

Twitter Tips-Follow people who follow you.
Lots of people only follow people who follow them. If you want to you can use tweetlater.com

Twitter Tips-Find people you know.
Find people you know and follow them they are likely to be having conversations you are interested in.
Find groups you are a member of you will find people you know and people like you.
Find your competitors and you will find more people you know.

Twitter Tips-Think about what you twitter.
Be careful what you twitter, if you setup a company twitter and just twitter about the coffee you are having how many commercial contacts want to know that? If your friends are following do they want to know about your products all day? A rule of thumb I was recently told was to talk about other things 5 times more then what you sell and make it of value to your audience.

Twitter Tips-Use TweetDeck
It is great for sorting out your conversations.

Twitter Tips-Use twitter in your own way
People will tell you, you must use twitter like this or that find the way you like to twitter and use it that way. Yes listen to what people say but it is your twitter profile.

-Have fun!
PS I twitter about Green Online Marketing, Carbon offsetting and me.
http://www.twitter.com/murraynewlands  10,000 people don’t think I am too bad 🙂

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