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Top Five Reasons Why Social Media Will Drive The Green Economy

Social media on the internet means something different to everyone, especially in business. But one thing is certain: it is here to stay. One of the only things growing right now are social media networks, most notably Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter. At the same time, companies and people are becoming more and more green everyday, both out of desire and necessity.

I believe that social media will drive the emerging green economy. Here’s why:

1. The U.S. Government is using it.

President Barack Obama built much of his following through internet fundraising. He has the most followers by a landslide on Twitter. John McCain does Top Ten lists on his Twitter account. Just last week a U.S. Congressperson Twittered DURING official meetings. Twitter’s founder was invited to the white house to advise the President on the economy. And he twittered about it. Police and fire rescue teams have begun to use Twitter as an effective way to immediately update large numbers of people about events as they happen. Emerging businesses understand that to appeal to today’s eco-savvy consumer you need to be environmentally conscious. The White House has included green jobs in its economic recovery plan and President Obama speaks openly about his desire for a national cap & trade system. Combine this with the recent appointment of Van Jones as lead advisor to the White House on green jobs and you have an eco-friendly recipe for an economy with green blood running through its social media veins.

2. Spirit of Innovation

Social media breeds innovation and the emerging green economy demands it. Our brightest and newest minds have grown up in an eco-conscious culture, and they’ve grown up using social media. When they create something new, they will use these familiar but still evolving tools to address the most pressing climate issues of our time. And, in a time of economic turmoil, social media is a cheap way to advertise and get messages out. As it becomes more and more important for companies to be eco-conscious, they will turn to the inexpensive and effective world of social media.

3. It’s Almost Carbon Neutral

This one is simple: social media happens online. I recently read that 2 Google searches require about the same amount of energy as boiling a pot of water for tea. So, it’s not zero impact. But think about the amount of energy it takes to drive to the library, add that to the energy it took to print and ship the documents.

4. Consumers Want Both Social Media and Green Methods

In a time of recession when few businesses or stocks are growing, two industries and areas that consistently post growing numbers: social media and green business. Supply and demand, as always, will reign supreme.

5. People Like Me and You

The future is, as they say, what we make of it. I spend a good deal of time at trade shows, advertising conferences and business development seminars. From my unscientific count, I would say approximately EVERYONE is working on a product or a campaign that at least touches on the green perspective or incorporates social media. Whether companies are building products specifically for social media, like the TweetDeck or Facebook Apps, or paying money to monitor and utilize it with companies like Radian6 or SM2/Techrigy, social media is what’s happening. And green? Look around you. You recycle your soda cans, you at least think about buying organic vegetables, and you’re reading this Top Five Reasons Why Social Media Will Drive The Green Economy list on the internet, not in the newspaper, right?

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