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I was at Ad:tech San Francisco and I was lucky enough to interview tech blogger Brent Terrazas of www.brentter.com and http://www.addto10.com/ fame.  Brent Terrazas was at the Ad:tech SF covering the show and commenting on the sessions as they happened for www.adtechblog.com/.

You can connect with Brent Terrazas

Where Brent says “I’m always open for discussion on new projects, technology, freelance, or even full-time positions, you can reach me via either the form on the contact page or by emailing me directly: brent (at) addto10 (dot) com”


PS I will get better at holding the video camera I promise you.

One comment on “Brent Terrazas – An interview with an Ad:tech Blogger

  • Murray-
    It was a pleasure being the first interview on the new camera…. now you know why I prefer being behind those things instead of in front of them (I’ve always been a little camera shy). The quality on that thing though is amazing though, i need to pick one up for myself.

    Also, thanks for all the links…. now I need to go run out and log in to my linkedin account (which is in dire need of an update).

    Btw, the night after that clip was filmed we were all out at some random party (I honestly don’t remember who the sponsor was) and started chatting with a group of folks who were there for various reasons…. well somehow the conversation got on the topic of what we all did for a living but then after finding out that we were covering the event one of them turns to me and asks if I knew anything about affiliate marketing and had heard of this company called affiliate heat….. I almost dropped my drink I was laughing so hard.

    So I go ahead and explain how I know you and the network which prompts him to continue with why he was asking in the first place – Apparently all his friends have (and i quote) “been in the affiliate game for years and swear by your network, i’m supposed to sign up for it tonight when i get home in fact.” He even said you were referenced by another network who had a booth in the exhibit hall when they were trying to describe the level of service they provide their publishers….. I won’t mention his name (or the network that had the booth which may have been slightly blue.. wink wink) on here for privacy sake but i’ll shoot it over to you in an email because you’d get a kick out of it. That and I was surprised at what he said. I mean, i kept my mouth shut but how his friends described you was nothing like the Murray I know… When did you become a nice guy? Professional? Eager to actually make them money instead of the other way around? Ohh wait, sorry, I was still thinking about that network who claimed to be ‘just as good as affiliate heat.’ I will give that network props though, they’ve got a great sales pitch.. 🙂


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