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I have just launched my Ebook Affiliate Program to promote my Green Ebook “How to Save Money and the Planet”.

This is a green affiliate program and I am looking for green affiliate bloggers with green affiliate blogs to write reviews. There are a variety of landing pages available and I am willing to make custom landing pages.  I am happy to provide example reviews, banners and keywords upon request.  If you have experience running ebook affiliate programs on ebay or via your own merchant shop then I would be happy to sell my product in your inventory.

As the title of the book suggests it is very much focused on how to save money and stop waste, as well as how to save the environment.  Making money ebooks and get rich ebooks book are very popular in any economy. In a recession climate consumers want to save money and are conscious that with their limited income they need the money they have to go further and have spare money to payback debts.

This is an opportunity to both make money as an affiliate and do something positive for the environment and help to save the planet.

I also have a twitter ebook I am seeking to promote. If you are interested in promoting either of these products please contact me via my contact page.

This is the Ebook Affiliate Program

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