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John Chow has a new Twitter application is a twitter mass unfollow tool that allows you to mass unfollow even if you have over 10,000 followers:  TwitterFollower  http://twitterfollower.com

Johns Chow’s new twitter application  www.TwitterFollower.com is a great little twitter application. The landing page features a little video (nice video John) that explains all about the application which essentually is focused on greeting a user group who will all follow each other to build their follower numbers to get more social proof. The hypotheses being people follow people to who have lots of followers (social proof they are worth following). John has also built in the ability to mass unfollow people who do not follow you. John is offering this great service free which many other applications charge for. Twitter limits the number of people you can follow so a small percentage more than the people who follow you. If you follow people who do not follow you back you will not be able to follow more people. Given one way to build twitter followers is to follow people so that they follow you back the ability to unfollow people is key to many people building large numbers of followers.  There will be many people who like this, there are also lots of people who are opposed to this kind of user list building. Personally I say well done John Chow.http://huitter.com/ is another Twitter Mass UnFollow Application.

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  • I signed up w/TwitterFollower last night and love it! It’s simple to use and unfollows the people who are not following, very quickly. I’m so glad John came up with this awesome tool 🙂

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