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News just out Scott Richter going behind bars for “good” – Scott Richter email starts “Help – You knew the law would finally catch up with me. The day you have been waiting for is coming! I’m going behind bars for “good”. As one of Adams County’s most wanted, I will be locked up on May 14th”

It turns out that  that Scott Richter is not going to jail for anything to do with email marketing. Scott Richter needs your help to raise $1600 and send two children to Summer Camp in Empire, CO

You can make a donation here https://www.joinmda.org/adamscounty2009/scottrichter/

Scott Richter

Scott Richter is well known in for running Affiliate.com an international affiliate network. Scott Richter is also well known for his outgoing personality and previous TV appearances on the subject of affiliate email marketing. I recently meet up with Scott Richter at Ad:tech San Francisco pictured above. Scott Richter told me in Ad:tech San Francisco that his latest moves were into social media application and social media banner traffic.

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