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I have just launched my Twitter Ebook to help you to understand more about twitter and how to grow the right following. This twitter ebook is the first of a series of ebooks I am planning.

I started using twitter about two months ago and now a month the top 1000 listed Twitter profiles on twitterholics . Not only has this lead to more traffic to my websites but also to more business partners and sales.  In fact within a few hours of my book going on sale I sold my first copy!

I wrote the twitter ebook with my friends and experienced famous blogger Heather Smith who has been running a number of successful blogs for a number of years.

I called the book “How to Develop a Twitter Profile that Works” because this Twitter e-book teaches you everything you need to know and gives you twitter tips.

For $19.99 you get a twitter ebook with a system that will allow you to generate thousands of quality followers leads every month for virtually no cost and little work! I priced the book in USD because I know that the largest take up is going to come from the United Stated.

Before starting writing I read all the Twitter ebooks I could find and found none that covered both the strategic and the practicalities of starting a web 2.0 campaign using Twitter using the twitter software tools which are available. Using search 3.0 techniques as well as Facebook to find social influencers. I have run free twitter competitions, and invited people to twitter to win, generating hundreds of visits to my blog and other websites all within an ethical framework.

My new twitter ebook is available to buy for $19.99 from my website click here.

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