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Anyone out there who travels raise your hand? Ok, now collective groan for the last time your travel plans got delayed or canceled and it messed up your day?

If you have a BlackBerry and you travel, you’re busy. Beyond that, if you are in affiliate marketing or affiliate program management, you need to keep appointments and travel plans well coordinated. Missing a flight or dealing with a delayed or canceled flight can cost you time, money, or a big client or product. Not to mention all of the havoc it wreaks with family or special events.

I wish I could say I found the BlackBerry App that can magically stop delayed and canceled flights- I didn’t, but I found the next best thing. Skip is a BlackBerry App that does one thing very well: It keeps you updated in a timely fashion about delays, changes or cancellations to your air travel plans.

Once you have Skip, here is how it works:
1.    Email your trip information to Skip.
2.    Receive real-time updates on flight tracking and gate info.
3.    Check in for your flights with one click on your BlackBerry.

This is a valuable tool for knowing about flight delays, changes and cancellations in enough time to do something about them—valuable in its own right but extra valuable to the already time-strapped affiliate marketer.

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