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CellSpin is a BlackBerry app aimed specifically at bloggers. If you are a blogger or host a blog as part of your affiliate marketing efforts, CellSpin is a powerful BlackBerry app. The app is a strong step forward in smoothing out the ways people use mobiles to produce content that shows up as part of their blog or any other web or social media feed. Whether for affiliate management or for digital marketing, this app has the potential to change the way you do affiliate marketing.

CellSpin supports what they call Mobile Blogging- a mix of classic blogging and Twitter-style microblogging. CellSpin enables you to write posts on your BlackBerry and directly post them to your blog- it serves the function and form of a blog post with the real-time benefits of micro-blogging. CellSpin lets you do it with one click.
In addition, they have a Community Blogging feature that lets you produce posts on your BlackBerry (or any other media), engage with readers and others about your topic, and distribute through the CellSpin network. They also offer great tools to manage, monetize, and analyze your posts and user response.

CellSpin supports blogging platforms like WordPress, TypePad, Blogger, and LiveJournal. In the social media sphere, CellSpin supports Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and MySpace. Beyond that it supports Flickr, Ebay and Picasa.

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