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I have an exciting website to share with all of you who are interested in green affiliate networking. Green Affiliate Programs is an affiliate networking site whose mission is to spread the reach of affiliate marketing into the green and Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) sectors.

I believe that green affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing and most important verticals. Green Affiliate Programs is actively facilitating the networking between green affiliate programs, green businesses and green bloggers. They are connecting health and wellness bloggers with affiliate options for the eco-products they blog about. They are making affiliate programs accessible for people who are passionate about green issues but aren’t yet part of affiliate marketing. They understand that affiliate programs connect green-minded businesses with health conscious, green-minded affiliates as part of the creative, emerging green economy.

“We are seeing great things happening in the online green sector. For one, more web businesses are going green and offering green products at more affordable prices. Secondly, these same businesses are beginning to embrace more sophisticated ways of marketing their products, including affiliate marketing.  Having achieved success in other less-inspiring affiliate markets in the past, it is a sheer pleasure and joy to bring these same skills to a cause I care very passionately about. I am very proud to be the director of Green Affiliate Programs, not only because we are the first affiliate program directory dedicated to the online green market, but also because we are seeing positive changes happening as a result of our presence online.” — Ryan Jones, Director, Green Affiliate Programs

They offer a comprehensive listing of affiliate programs in the eco-affiliate and LOHAS sectors. GreenAffiliatePrograms enables affiliate programs to be integrated into your personal website or third-party affiliate management. They promote three different types of programs: Affiliate networks (hosted and managed), non-network affiliate programs (hosted), and do-it-yourself software programs (non-hosted, non-managed).

I believe in utilizing green affiliate marketing to help people act on the moral imperatives inherent in climate change through personal action, products and social media. Green Affiliate Programs is making that green affiliate marketing more accessible and effective. I highly recommend that you visit and learn more about them.

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