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Yesterday I went to the House of Lords and meet Viscount Slim, Rolf Harris, etc Rolf Harris was lucky enough to get his photo taken with Murray Newlands : )
Murray Newlands and Rolf Harris

I was at the House of Lords with Rolf Harris at an event for The Britain-Australia Society & The Cook Society 2009 at the request of The Viscount Slim (and my friend Kelvin : ). It was a great event to go to and we all had a good time. It was the second of The Britain-Australia Society events I have attended and the whole affair was delightful. Introduced to the party by E. Collins B.E.M. Toast Master age 79 and not for retiring I meet The Viscount Slim whom despite his title which makes him sound terribly grandiose was what chatty jovial and quite a whit.

Murray Newlands and Kelvin Yap Hsiang Yang

Thank you Viscount Slim

One comment on “The House of Lords, Rolf Harris, The Viscount Slim and The Britain-Australia Society & The Cook Society 2009

  • Kelvin Yap says:

    It was such a delightful evening out. We have to do this again. I see the society have all sorts of activities lined up…

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