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Twitegy (combining Twitter and Strategy) bills itself as the world’s first Twitter-only ad agency. Even their website copy is entirely in 140 character tweet form.

With all of the marketing uses for Twitter, it is fascinating to find a service focused specifically on using Twitter for marketing- not just using it but creating marketing specifically for Twitter.

On their website (http://twitegy.com) they write:

-We believe that you can be memorable and relevant in less than 140 characters.
-You can’t control the conversation about you, your company, or your brand. You can, however, participate in it.
-We’re your Twitter strategy partner, helping you understand the conversation and how to be a value-adding participant.

Twitegy is a partnership between Alan Beard (marketing strategy and copywriting) and Alec McNayr (online community and social media strategy), and each have been active in their field for over 10 years. They can be contacted on Twitter here: @Twitegy

New media requires new companies and new strategies. It only makes sense that a marketing agencies will incorporate Twitter as part of their evolving marketing strategy. Can an agency survive and thrive focusing only on Twitter? I will be watching Twitegy to see what kind of innovations they pursue in the coming months.

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