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Monday morning, work week begins… I open Twitter to find that a brand new hashtag is trending… #EcoMonday. A quick scan of the #ecomonday list and I see that it’s all about recommending green Twitter users—sort of a focused #FollowFriday. As someone who is in green affiliate marketing, that’s exciting.

One of the greatest things about Twitter is how easy it is to introduce good people to each other, or to seek out good people. Whether you are in green affiliate marketing, affiliate program management, or any kind of digital marketing, Twitter is an amazing vehicle (on any day) to meet new people and start creating relationships and partnerships.

In the spirit of #EcoMonday, I thought I would recommend some people who I think do great things in the Green Marketing world:

@affiliatesummit  Affiliate marketing is at the forefront of Green, from digital marketing to virtual storefronts and offices. Affiliate Summit is a great conference with a great blog to learn about the newest in the affiliate marketing world—green or otherwise.

@ecoaffiliate  Las Vegas based green affiliate program network. Great ideas and products.

@carbonheart  Twitter account for the CEO of the Carbon Advice Group, a green affiliate marketing program for voluntary carbon offsets.

@heatherinbc  Affiliate marketer who writes a fantastic blog about “Boating, Fishing, History and Living in British Columbia.

@greenbiztweets  Twitter account for GreenBiz.com, a great site about all things green and business and marketing out of San Francisco.

Make sure to #EcoMonday all of your favorites from the Green side of Twitter!

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