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If you are on Twitter you’ve noticed the way etiquette works- or maybe you haven’t? Twitter is a community built on relationships, networking and adding value. If you are new to Twitter or looking for ways to get more out of your Twitter account, being part of that community is important. It can be a great marketing channel, but only if you work within the community environment it creates.
So how do you do it? Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to grow your Twitter presence:

1. Communicate
This is what Twitter is all about. It’s not a one-way mechanism. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 Followers, the key is to respond to questions when they come and engage in dialogue. Learn, teach, ask, share. If you spend time with that, the affiliate marketing opportunities come with it!

2. Tweet with Value
Make sure that some of your tweets are adding value to either conversations or bring new things to the attention of your followers. Even if it is outside of your typical Twitter-stream, adding value is not forgotten.

3. Tweet with Respect
For a few reasons it’s best to stay respectful on Twitter. It mixes professional and personal lives, and you are constantly meeting new people. Always treat the people who you are just meeting with the same respect you treat the people you Follow. It comes back to you.

4. Keep it Interesting
Beyond adding value like I said in #2, tweeting outside of your typical Twiter-stream will keep your tweets interesting—surprise is always good for getting people to take notice. Keeping your Twitter-stream fun and interesting will keep your Followers following—and sets you up for great marketing opportunities.

5. Appreciate Help
On Twitter, part of the power comes from when other people pass your article or information along. When somebody with loads of Followers ReTweets your tweet, make sure to say thank you. Similar to communicating with respect, but very specifically responding to the individuals who helped your Twitter presence.

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