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Bikesure Insurance Review Beware

I posted earlier today about Bikesure Insurance. I bought a Ducati and booked my motorbike insurance with Bikesure Insurance and who sub brokered the motorbike insurance policy to QBE Insurance. My Bike was stolen after one month and now I have had to make a claim. Lucky I have Ducati motorbike insurance! Right. They have said that they would like to come and see me which is find however they have passed me down several levels to an unknown and untraceable private agency who want to come and see me. This makes me uncomfortable and I have contacted Bikesure Insurance about this.

I have just had feedback from Bikesure Insurance and the long and the short of it is that they do not know and do not care and it is nothing to do with them. Think when you get your motorbike insurance policy who are you really buying it from. Bikesure Insurance I would go with someone else first rather than Bikesure Insurance?

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