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I’ve been writing about the BlackBerry as one of several great mobile tools for anyone involved with affiliate marketing, digital marketing or affiliate program management—the BlackBerry is a great tool that is adding some key features to its smartphone line that will expand and amplify the basic functionality of the mobile tenfold. Tweetdeck for blackberry is just what you need!

The Twitter world on BlackBerry mobiles just keeps getting better—the most recent addition to the BlackBerry App world is TweetGenius. TweetGenius comes to you from the star team of Boy Genius, that somehow popular but anonymous blogger, and Dossy Shiobara, master-coder and the man behind Twitter Karma.

Here’s what they say about it on the TweetGenius website:

TweetGenius was created out of necessity. Simply put, no BlackBerry Twitter application was capable of quenching our thirst. We decided to make TweetGenius for the BlackBerry community because we’re BlackBerry-lovers who know what other BlackBerry-lovers want in an app.

People who love BlackBerry and Twitter writing a good app for both. What more can you ask for? The home screen is pretty, which is a plus for any BlackBerry App. The key functions on the home screen are: 1. Friends Timeline, 2. Replies, and 3. Direct Messages in addition to a bar at the bottom showing the most recent message from whichever function you are using.

Beyond that, features include a “Track” feature that lets you track individual users on Twitter, which enables you to focus on key Followers. Other functionality features include a magnifying-glass option and the ability to use tweet dialogue boxes, and even a way to integrate your Google Map URL for positioning.

TweetGenius has all of the features you want in a Twitter app for BlackBerry with an easy-to-use, smooth interface design. TweetGenius costs $4.99 on sale and $9.99 regular. It sounds like a powerful and important Twitter app, especially for the BlackBerry. They even offer customer service at: [email protected] or @Tweet_Genius on Twitter.

Check it out.
Tweetdeck for blackberry
Tweet deck for blackberry
Tweet deck blackberry
Tweetdeck blackberry

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