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ClickBank Affiliate Manager Wanted – Help Wanted – Problem

I am looking for a Clickbank affiliate manager / freelancer / agency specialising in e-products. This is to help a friend of mine with some e-books. The person I am looking for could be a great e-product affiliate who knows others in the field but really I am looking some someone who runs an affiliate management agency that specialises in this field. Do you know anyone who works in this field who can help? Do you have a blog or site in this area and can you help posting this request?

When I started out on my own last year I friend of mine Brian Nelson CEO CoregMedia helped me out. I asked what I can do in return and he said just help others, now there is an altruist (someone who makes charitable donations intended to increase human well-being). Do say Hi to Brian Nelson sometime he is a great guy. You know what the more people I help the more help I get! Now I get some good traffic to this blog I figure I can ask for help for a few people. Not only will this help them this could lead to some good business networking….

So anyway can you recommend a Clickbank affiliate manager, can you recommend someone?

Do you need help? Get in contact mrn @murraynewlands.com
If you help I will add note and link to this post back to you!

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