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Famous people twitter try to connect with us and it works.

The other day I found myself caught up in it too. I was in Cambridge for the day and someone RT’s:
@stephenfry “In Cambridge. Giving a little talk to a school later on. Everyone looking gorgeous and smiley and absurdly young.8:54 AM Jun 3rd from Tweetie”

That is the power of celebrity twitter. When famous people twitter the twitterverse seems to listen. The immediacy of someone you have heard of as a celebrity twittering about something that is close to you or your life. I saw the RT and for some reason felt compelled to go over and check out @stephenfry twitter page. I was not even following him it was the RT I picked up on. I generally do not follow what famous people twitter and I am not generally interested in celebrities.

So what is it about what famous people twitter? Whether it is Stephen Fry mentioning the town I am in or the almost incomprehensibly famous Twitter-er Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) mentioning a movie or song that you like, why is it that we respond to what famous people twitter? Perhaps for the same reason that people buy magazines that expose celebrities as having aspects of their lives that are just like anyone else. When famous people twitter it breaks the celebrity mold- or seems to. The idea that we can see a snippet of a celebrities life that somehow connects to our own makes them a little more human, and maybe us feel a little more like we can relate to a celebrity. Is it possible that famous people twitter what the rest of us non-famous people twitter?

Famous people twitter – Have you found yourself hooked on the everyday ramblings of someone famous or only semi famous people on twitter?

My blog competition has seen significant traffic from semi famous people on twitter urging their twitter followers to vote for them. What other uses have you seen semi famous people on twitter use twitter for or Famous people twitter?

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