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Free Affiliate Opportunities

Free affiliate opportunities are important to new affiliates seeking to break into affiliate marketing and make money without spending anything. Social media is full of free affiliate opportunities for experienced and new affiliates alike. Services like Twitter are very popular among new affiliates because there is no outlay and there are affiliate services which cater especially to them with free affiliate opportunities.

For example, Magpie allows you to put affiliate links in your twitter stream, one of many free affiliate opportunities. You can set it to automatically twitter a affiliate link after ever 10 tweets you make.

Personally I do not add affiliate links in my twitter stream, however I know people who do and who are making money out of it. As far as free affilaite opportunities go, it’s easy to sign up for and requires minimal effort on the part of the affiliate. Magpie is just one of a number of social media tool offering free affiliate opportunities.

When you are considering free affiliate opportunities, make sure to double-check that they are in fact free, have trackable earnings records, and obvious streams of income. And free affiliate opportunities should still have support in the way of people and tools to back you up and help you with any questions or issues.

In the end, free affiliate opportunities are a great way for new affiliates to grow their business or for experienced affiliates to expand their range of programs. Successful work with free affiliate opportunities can fund other more lucrative opportunities, and those same free affiliate opportunities can start relationships with affiliate marketers who have a network far beyond those free affiliate opportunities.

If you know of any other free affiliate opportunities out there, please leave them in the comment section.

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